Provider: Pilates Academy International
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs

Some say that “sitting is the new smoking,” and the numbers indicate that sitting is indeed a troubling epidemic among Americans. According to JAMA, 1 in 4 U.S. adults sit for more than 8 hours a day. This “sitting disease” causes some muscles to become overly elongated and others to become chronically shortened, which increases stress in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, spine, spinal discs and back muscles.

Exercise professionals can help their desk-bound clients by first understanding what sitting does to the body and why these clients need to be trained in a different manner than other clients. In this course by Katherine and Kimberly Corp—ACE Certified Professionals, owners of Pilates on Fifth, Pilates Center of New York, Inc. and founders and directors of The Pilates Academy International—you will understand the common problems associated with prolonged sitting and learn corrective exercises that can be immediately implemented into training sessions. By correcting your clients’ postural problems, you will empower them to feel better and get the most out of their training.

You will learn:

  • Why desk-bound clients need to be trained differently than other clients
  • How to identify and explain postural and biomechanical problems associated with sitting
  • How to deliver corrective exercises to address each client’s unique problems


Great concepts and examples!

This was very helpful information as much for myself as clients. However it is a LOT of information and supplemental materials like an outline would have been helpful.

Great descriptions and corrective exercises. They know the anatomy. They did go very fast on the exercises, however the pause button is helpful. I would definitely tell people about this and do more classes with these two. Thanks.

Very informative; however the CONS outweigh the PROS: Should have been at least a 3-4 CEC course, way too much information through video only especially the video about the exercises. Would have loved to have a hand out for reference and something I could refer to when working with clients. Music was extremely distracting and while both instructors knew the material they talked way too fast and over talked each other. I honestly don't know how much I got out of the course.

Great course. Lots of good exercises introduced. The ladies are amazing teachers. But it should have been 3 CECs. Almost 3 hours long with 30 questions total definitely not just 2 CECs.

Excellent information!