Provider: Pilates Academy International
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.3 CECs

Build on Your Foundation of Effective Pilates Exercises

Increase your knowledge of the Pilates repertoire and immediately incorporate new exercises into your training programs with this course that builds upon 11 Essential Pilates Exercises for Fitness Professionals. You will learn 11 new exercises and how to cue them safely and effectively, as well as how to spot common mistakes that clients often make. 

Developed by Katherine and Kimberly Corp, owners of Pilates on Fifth, Manhattan’s largest Pilates studio since 2000, this course breaks down the goal of each of the 11 intermediate exercises. By outlining the execution in detail, these Pilates exercises will be effective in strengthening and stabilizing your clients. Plus, the acquired skills of cueing and correcting will easily transfer to all movements you teach across modalities.

Upon completion, you will learn:

  • How to execute the 11 Intermediate Level One exercises of the Pilates repertoire
  • The muscular emphasis and goal of each exercise
  • How to spot and correct improper form
  • When and how to modify certain exercises, including regressions and progressions

PRO TIP: For the best learning experience, it is recommended you first complete 11 Essential Pilates Exercises for Fitness Professionals to build your foundational knowledge. Then, you’ll be prepared to take this intermediate course and further develop your skillset.


Love both of these courses, but it seems like the fundamentals & intermediate take the same amount of time to complete, so not sure why the first one is worth .1 credit and the second .3 credit.

Very well done

Engaging, clear presentation. Nice documentation - I appreciate information on contraindications.

Hello the one comment or question I have is there was mention of a PART 2 of this course. I would be very interested in that. Is it available? Thank you, Carol Dutton