Provider: TRX
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs

Strengthen your coaching with specialized TRX training for runners

Transform your coaching and specialize your fitness offerings with this cutting-edge course. Designed for health and fitness professionals, this course equips you with the essential skills to merge TRX Suspension Training™ into runner-specific training plans. By focusing on strength, stability, and mobility, you can help runners enhance their performance while minimizing injury risks.

Whether you're aiming to assist beginners or seasoned athletes, this course offers tailored strategies to improve cardiovascular endurance alongside crucial strength and flexibility training. Stand out in the fitness market by expanding your services and developing specialized training programs that cater directly to runners' needs.

Created by leading TRX experts and led by TRX Master Instructor, Douglas Li, you’ll gain professional insight into a comprehensive training regime. With this course, you'll not only retain more clients by offering specialized running training but also enhance your professional reputation, positioning you as a go-to expert in running fitness. Master how to effectively incorporate TRX into your training programs, optimize your runners' performance in every aspect and redefine what it means to train runners in the fitness world.Bottom of Form

Upon completion, you will be able to:

·        Enhance runner performance with TRX training

·        Utilize TRX exercises tailored for strength, stability, and mobility in runners

·        Adapt advanced training techniques across different settings to suit each client's unique needs