Provider: Of-CourseOnline
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.7 CECs

Help Clients Move Better By Conducting Assessments and Identifying Compensations

As a health and exercise professional, one of your main goals is to help your clients move better. How can you know what really is keeping them from optimal movement? The answer is through movement assessments. In this course led by Tanya Thompson, founder and owner of Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™, you will learn how to conduct comprehensive body and postural assessments. You will also understand common compensations that occur when clients perform exercises and the reasons why they happen. With this knowledge, you will able to identify discrepancies and restrictions, and will be able to incorporate vital movement principles and assessment exercises into your client-specific programs.

You will learn:

  • A comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for all clients taking their restrictions and state of mind into consideration
  • The 5 movement principles
  • A comprehensive understanding of postural assessment
  • The differences between a movement assessment and a postural assessment
  • To view, assess and correct compensations


Loved the course! Information I can apply to help me access my clients better. And help correct them with any body compensations they may have

This course gives an idea on how posture can effect the longevity a person, an how it is important to correct over compensations to improve overall client health.

Really bad. There is only one learning style used. The instructor basically reads from an iPad. I could have elected an audio book I would Never take a course from this instructor again.

Overall, this is good information. The notes and handouts were sometimes hard to follow. A very practical course