Provider: Of-CourseOnline
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.7 CECs

Help Clients Move Better By Conducting Assessments and Identifying Compensations

As a health and exercise professional, one of your main goals is to help your clients move better. How can you know what really is keeping them from optimal movement? The answer is through movement assessments. In this course led by Tanya Thompson, founder and owner of Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™, you will learn how to conduct comprehensive body and postural assessments. You will also understand common compensations that occur when clients perform exercises and the reasons why they happen. With this knowledge, you will able to identify discrepancies and restrictions, and will be able to incorporate vital movement principles and assessment exercises into your client-specific programs.

You will learn:

  • A comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for all clients taking their restrictions and state of mind into consideration
  • The 5 movement principles
  • A comprehensive understanding of postural assessment
  • The differences between a movement assessment and a postural assessment
  • To view, assess and correct compensations


So full of information! So helpful to watch the application of corrective exercises..

This course was amazing. There is enough information within this course to equate to a week-long practical course. I will definitely be taking more classes with this instructor. I'm also in awe of her knowledge and teaching ability.

Great course!

Overall, this course was very informative. However, the information was presented in such a way that made it very difficult to follow at first. The language the teachers used was very high level and assumed I had an already highly advanced understanding of the material, which I did not. I had to scramble to keep up with what they were talking about and I have been a trainer for 4 years! The main teacher was easier to follow, but they had another woman lecture at the end, and I found her style of teaching even harder to follow and comprehend and I frequently got lost. The course writing material is also in need of editing. There were many typos in the quizzes that made me wonder what the questions were even asking or if I was answering them correctly. The class notes were written in a jarbled way and difficult to understand clearly. Overall, I felt the notes and the teachers could have said things in a much more succinct and clear way than they did and that made it difficult to understand and enjoy the class.

Although the presenter was outstanding and very knowledgeable, the content was extremely detailed for the .7 credits given. The course description gave the impression it would take 10 hours to complete. This course took me at least 40-50 hours. The information was only given in a verbal format in videos and it was fast! Note-taking was painful given the minutia of details and the difficulty of the instructor's accent to understand. The information also did not flow logically and needed further explanation. There should be a workbook included, not the minimal guides given. Wow- I'm exhausted!!!! I am on overload and now need to take time to re-process this massive amount of material I took in my notes. In this course, less would be more to ensure retention.