Provider: Healthy Learning
Type: Online Course
Online Quiz
CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs

Build a Unique Brand Identity that Advertises You

Branding has become a hot topic and an essential tool for career success in the fitness industry. With countless options in the marketplace for consumers, it can be difficult for fitness “solo-preneurs” to set themselves apart from the big corporate brands. By establishing a strong brand, you will be able to identify and connect with your target audience without the hustle and angst of having to "sell" yourself to every new prospect. Based on the research series “ACE Health and Wellness Reports” and created in partnership with Healthy Learning, this course will help you learn how to build a strong brand identity that can guide your social media and traditional marketing efforts so you can take the pressure off of having to sell your services.

This course includes digital access to a 64-page online document (viewable only) and an online quiz.

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Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Build, measure and manage your brand’s equity
  • Understand how and why health and fitness consumers fall in love with brands
  • Employ marketing and branding strategies by some of the world's most notable companies and celebrities
  • Build brand equity in a cluttered marketplace of health- and fitness-related products and services
  • Build your own unique brand identity that can help guide all of your marketing-related decisions


Learned some new things about branding

The book should be downloadable. Also, having a video to go along with the book would be greatly beneficial.

Content was well organized and clear. All terminology was defined. Examples were giving throughout as to how to apply branding to the fitness industry. I highly recommend this course.

A variety is very important topics were addressed and explained thoroughly and expressed in ways very easy to understand. Great course!