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Certified™: Innovative Training Techniques

Cover Story:

Incorporating Reactive Training Into Your Clients' Exercise Programs

Anthony Carey by Anthony Carey

From a programming perspective, activities that stimulate, challenge and engage both the body and the mind can be particularly beneficial. One approach to creating novelty in your programming is by incorporating reactive training and its secondary benefits, which are referred to as reactive variability. Learn how to incorporate these elements into your clients’ programs and improve their ability to react to whatever life might throw at them.

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Reduced-exertion High-intensity Training: How Low Can You Go?
  • Certified™: Innovative Training Techniques

Reduced-exertion High-intensity Training: How Low Can You Go?

by Lance C. Dalleck

Reduced-exertion high-intensity training (REHIT) shortens the traditional HIIT workout by using fewer and shorter interval bouts, but how low can you really go and still get an effective workout? This article looks at the available research to answer that question and explores practical strategies for incorporating REHIT into your clients’ training programs.

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