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Certified™: August 2023

Cover Story:

The Ultimate ACE Workout: An Evidence-based Approach to Programming and Class Design

For more than two decades, ACE has supported research to evaluate the effectiveness of various exercises in targeting specific muscles or muscle groups. This workout features 10 exercises evaluated in various pieces of ACE-supported research over the years. Each exercise was selected because of its overall muscle activation for a specific body part. When combined, this total-body routine provides an evidence-based approach for developing muscular fitness.

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Lifting Beyond Limits: Women and Kettlebell Training
  • Certified™: August 2023

Lifting Beyond Limits: Women and Kettlebell Training

When it comes to lifting weights—especially heavy ones—it is not uncommon to recognize a sense of apprehension among female clients, and you may be wondering how you can help them overcome their apprehension—and resistance—and learn to love strength training. Four female health and exercise professionals describe how they have found their power and voice through lifting heavy.

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