TRX ® Front Rollout

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TRX ® Front Rollout

Target Body Part:

Equipment Needed:

Step 1

Starting Position: Holding the TRX handles or foot cradles in each hand, turn to kneel facing the anchor point with your legs hip width apart. Grasp the handles/cradles with a closed grip. Your thumbs should be wrapped around the handles with your palms facing the floor. Engage your abdominals and round your torso into a ball. Bend your elbows, bringing your hands close to your jaw. Your head is an extension of your spine.


Step 2

Downward Phase: Engage the muscles of your core and back to support your spine and prepare your torso for movement. Inhale. With control, bring your hips forward, as your body swings forward under the anchor point. Try to keep the spine rounded. Do not allow your spine to straighten or your back to arch or sag. Keep your elbows in and hands adjacent to your face.


Step 3

Upward Phase: Exhale and use your abdominals to draw the body back to your starting position. Do not to allow your arm or back position to change throughout the exercise.

Using the TRX certainly enhances the appeal of many exercises; however, trainers and individuals should not participate in these advanced exercises until they can demonstrate capability to effectively stabilize their lumber spine (low back) with their core muscles.