Lateral Raise

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Lateral Raise

Target Body Part:

Equipment Needed:

Step 1

Starting Position: Stand holding dumbbells at your sides, elbows relaxed, palms facing your body and thumbs wrapped around the dumbbell handles. Your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart or in a split-stance position to help stabilize your body.


Step 2

Brace your torso by contracting your abdominal and core muscles. Pull your shoulder blades down and back. Keep these engagements throughout the exercise. Your head should be aligned with your spine.


Step 3

Upward Phase: Exhale and slowly raise the dumbbells up and out to your sides. Your elbows and upper arms should rise together and lead the movement ahead of the forearms and dumbbells. As your arms near shoulder level, turn your thumbs slightly upward. Continue raising the dumbbells until your arms are level with your shoulders and approximately parallel with the floor. Keep your torso erect. Do not allow the back to arch or the torso to rock. Keep the wrists in neutral position. Do not allow the wrists to bend.


Step 4

Downward Phase: Inhale and gently lower the dumbbells back to your starting position. Keep your elbows almost straight, maintaining the neutral grip position. While lowering the dumbbells rotate the thumbs back to start position (slightly downward). Your foot, torso, shoulder and wrist positions are maintained throughout the exercise.

As this exercise traditionally positions the arms into internal rotation during the lift, the slight external (upward) rotation initiated at the 60-70 degree mark may reduce potential impingement in the shoulder joint.