Dirty Dog

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Dirty Dog

Target Body Part:
Abs, Butt/Hips

Equipment Needed:
No Equipment

Step 1

This exercise is a dynamic movement exercise used to prepare the body for activity. As it involves a modification to a traditional bird-dog exercise, it is highly recommended you master your bird-dog technique before attempting the dirty dog.


Step 2

Starting Position: Come to a hands and knees position on an exercise mat positioning your knees underneath your hips and the crease of your wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing forward.


Step 3

Engage your core and abdominal muscles. Imagine you are tightening a corset around your waistline. Keep your spine in a neutral position; avoid any excessive sagging or arching. Pull the shoulder blades toward your hips.


Step 4

Rotation Movement: Exhale and gently lift one knee off the floor. Keeping the knee bent, slowly lift the knee outwards and upwards toward the side wall. Try to move the leg without causing movement in your trunk.


Step 5

Hold this position briefly, while keeping a stable trunk and head level with your spine. Slowly lower your knee back to the floor. Pause and repeat.


Step 6

Repeat with the opposite leg.