Standing Hip Abduction

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Standing Hip Abduction

Target Body Part:
Abs, Butt/Hips

Equipment Needed:
Resistance Bands/Cables

Step 1

Starting Position: Standing with one shoulder pointed toward the anchor point or resistance, attach a cuff to your outside ankle (ankle furthest from the anchor point or resistance). Take a staggered stance so that the cuffed ankle is positioned slightly forward of the other foot and your feet are hip-width apart. Brace your abdominal / core muscles to stabilize your spine. Pull your shoulder blades down and back without arching your low back.


Step 2

Upward Movement: Slowly bring your cuffed foot just off the floor while balancing on your standing leg. Do not allow your hips to shift. Try not to lean to the side to make the movement happen. Hold on to a stable surface for balance as needed. Exhale and slowly lift the cuffed leg outwards while maintaining balance and vertical posture.


Step 3

Continue raising your cuffed leg until you reach about 45 degrees or the limits of your comfort level.


Step 4

Downward Movement: Inhale and slowly return your leg back to your starting position without losing your balance or changing the position of your torso or standing leg.


Step 5

Exercise Variation: Increase the intensity of this exercise by: (1) increasing your range of motion by starting with your cuffed leg across the front of your standing leg, (2) increasing the resistance in the cable / band (3) removing any balance assistance, or (4) standing on an unstable surface (e.g., an Airex pad or BOSU Trainer).
The ability to perform this exercise unassisted or on an unstable surface like an Airex pad or BOSU Trainer offers the added benefit of balance training.