ACE grows health coach education with the launch of its Health Coach Advanced Training Program  

Posted: Oct 27, 2021 in ACE Press Releases

New health coach education pathway makes it easy to enter the field of health coaching with confidence. 

San Diego, Calif., October 27, 2021 – Today, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) launches the Health Coach Advanced Training Program an immersive, modern learning experience packed with advanced coaching skills, hands-on training and practical experience needed to enter the field of health coaching with confidenceThis expert-led program provides hands-on training and practical experience with the advanced coaching skills needed for a successful career as a health coach. 

“We are proud to be the only organization to offer an NCCA-accredited health coach certification program,” said ACE president and chief science officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM. “The ACE Health Coach Advanced Training Program is our most comprehensive, expert-led education program rooted in peer-reviewed research and behavior-change principles, which will equip health coaches with the knowledge and practical skills to foster positive, healthy lifestyle change with their clients.”

Through mentorship and live feedback from ACE Master Coaches, this hands-on learning program offers an extensive approach to developing, practicing and refining health coaching skills. Participants will gain the advantage of putting behavior change coaching principles into action in a real-life setting, so they are able to begin successfully coaching right away. 

“The ACE Health Coach Advanced Training Program helped me improve as a health coach and move forward with my growing practice,” said Jillian Tassi, PHR and ACE Certified Health Coach. “Having the opportunity to work with a client, formally reflect on the session and then review the session with a more seasoned coach was exactly what I needed to build my confidence.” 

The Health Coach Advanced Training Program is ACE’s most comprehensive health coach education program yet. As participants progress through the program, each course will build on  the last and participants will put into action what has been previously learned. The courses comprised in the education offering include: 

  • ACE Health Coach Advantage Study Program (with Health Coach Live Class) 
  • ACE Behavior Change Specialist Program 
  • Behavior Change Mentorship: Applied Principles
  • Behavior Change Mentorship: Advanced Applications 
  • Health Coaching Lab: Live Skills Assessment 


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