New American Council on Exercise Campaign Seeks to Take Physical Activity Outside  

Posted: Apr 07, 2021 in ACE Press Releases

San Diego, Calif., April 7, 2021— Today, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) launches a national advocacy campaign calling on local and state governments to expand access and reduce restrictions to using green spaces, parks and other community spaces. These typically under-utilized spaces can provide safe locations for structured, physical activity experiences led by well-qualified exercise professionals and community organizations. With the COVID-19 pandemic ever present, ACE envisions this Campaign as a long-term benefit that can improve community health and reduce health inequities. 

The #MovingTogetherOutside campaign seeks to increase the number of shared-use agreements across the country. These agreements are created between two parties and allow for a space to be used when not otherwise occupied. ACE and campaign supporters believe this will help increase physical activity access to all communities, especially those that are most vulnerable to lifestyle–related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Expanding access to physical activity opportunities through shared-use agreements is an innovative solution that can support safe, healthy, and equitable communities,” said Amy Bantham, DrPH, Moving Together Outside Campaign spokesperson and CEO/founder of Move to Live More. It is a win-win-win for exercise professionals and small businesses, municipalities, and community residents.” 

A simple permitting model that establishes criteria and fee structures for the use of public space by individuals, businesses and other organizations: 

  • Supports employment and small businesses that are struggling during the pandemic 
  • Ensures good stewardship of the community parks and other spaces 
  • Respects the needs and interests of all park and public space users 
  • Reinforces positive community health outcomes related to physical activity 
  • Provides a revenue stream to municipalities 

"COVID-19 related restrictions and closures implemented to mitigate the risk of transmission have had a devastating impact on access to the fitness facilities, as well as on exercise professionals or organizations that deliver physical activity and exercise programs and interventions in communities,” said Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., ACE president and chief science officer. “Prioritizing and investing in physical activity, which has been shown to help prevent and treat chronic diseases, is more important than ever and consumers are seeking places, access to programs and expertise to improve their health and wellness through physical activity opportunities that are affordable and conveniently located.”

For more information on the #MovingTogetherOutside Campaign and to learn how to contact local municipalities about shared use agreements, click here. 


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