ACE and Trainerize Announce New Partnership

Posted: Feb 01, 2021 in ACE Press Releases

San Diego, Calif., Feb., 1, 2020The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Trainerize are proud to announce a new partnership that will empower exercise professionals and health coaches to better engage and support clients to make healthy, lasting lifestyle changesBy integrating ACE behavior change strategies into the Trainerize digital platform, it allows personal trainers and health coaches to leverage a powerful combination programming expertise and technology.    

This new partnership is twofold and provides: 

  • Education for exercise professionals who would like to upskill with behavior change skills. Exercise professionals who may be interested in learning more about how to integrate behavior change concepts and techniques into their client programs and sessions or become an ACE-certified Health Coach will have the opportunity to access ACE education including the health coach study programbehavior change specialist program and weight management specialist program 
  • Technology integration for exercise professionals and health coaches who seek a better way to connect with their clients virtuallyThrough the Trainerize platform, exercise professionals and health coaches will be able to instantly and remotely connect with clients to help guide them through the process of making lasting lifestyle changes.  

“ACE is excited to partner with Trainerize to integrate behavior change strategies into a leading digital platform,” said Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., ACE president and chief science officer. “The more exercise professionals who understand and know how to effectively implement behavior change strategies to support and improve their client’s health and fitness will result in more people living active lives with reduced risk of chronic disease.”  

The ACE/Trainerize partnership is significant for the fitness industryBy fully integrating ACE’s behavior change philosophy, the Mover Method™, and other evidence-based contentthe Trainerize platform, exercise professionals can easily learn about behavior change science and how to incorporate this into their daily work with clients. This education empowers exercise professionals to better support their clients by helping them set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals, all through one centralized location. It also will provide health coaches user-friendly technology application to communicate directly with their clients.  

“We are extremely excited to be joining forces the ACE to help exercise professionals take their knowledge and skills to the next level,” said Sharad Mohan, Managing Director of Trainerize. “With how drastically COVID-19 has disrupted clients’ health and fitness routines, it’s never been so important to bring technology and behavior change together and put them directly into the hands of exercise professionals. Together, we’ll be giving exercise professionals what they need to support clients who might otherwise be struggling to stay engaged with their fitness journeys.” 


About the American Council on Exercise 

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a nonprofit organization with global reach that works to improve physical-activity levels by certifying exercise professionals and health coaches, publishing original research, convening experts on physical activity and health, working directly with community groups, and advocating for policies to get people from all walks of life moving. The 90,000 exercise professionals and health coaches certified by ACE are among the most respected in the world of fitness, helping people embrace physical activity and adopt a healthier lifestyle. For more information, call 800-825-3636 or visit AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE, ACE and ACE logos are Registered Trademarks of the American Council on Exercise. 

About Trainerize  

In this digital age, working out is no longer connected to a physical space. Trainerize is an online personal training software that empowers fitness professionals and fitness studios worldwide to reach, engage, and motivate people, to change their lives for the better. Trainerize is making fitness more accessible by connecting more people to fitness professionals who can help them work out, eat better, and improve their habits. By combining online workout and nutrition tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world's best fitness add-ons, Trainerize allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients. 

Learn more about Trainerize. 

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