ACE Supports New Children And Teen Fitness and Nutrition Curriculum

Posted: Feb 20, 2004 in

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – October 14, 2003 – The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America’s nonprofit fitness advocate, today announced its support of the new children/teen fitness and nutrition curriculum, The Physiology Storybook: An Owner’s Manual for the Human Body and Buff ‘n’ Stuff: The Art & Science of Getting Strong and Eating Right both by Marla Richmond, M.S.

The Buff’n’Stuff complete curriculum includes applications of physiology to health and exercise, a comprehensive fitness and nutrition guide and a 10-song CD featuring a variety of original music.

Through rap, hip-hop and calypso types of music and interactive activities, the curriculum introduces young people to physiology concepts and teaches children and teens to keep their bodies healthy through proper nutrition and physical activity.

“With Buff’n’Stuff: The Art & Science of Getting Strong and Eating Right, Marla Richmond has created the perfect package for getting kids moving, while simultaneously stimulating their minds. It is the health and fitness version of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’,” said Dr. Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM, chief exercise physiologist/VP of educational services for ACE. “Given the growing and disturbing trends of inactivity and obesity among our young people, the timing couldn’t be better for this resource.”

“The Buff ‘N’ Stuff complete curriculum directly reflects the focus of Operation Fit Kids, the ACE youth outreach program. We can improve the health and fitness of America's youth through enhanced education and this program is a perfect fit,” said Ken Germano, president of ACE. “Buff ‘N’ Stuff gets kids from 8 to 80 involved in physical activity, and at the same time, educates them in a very fun and creative way.”

Operation FitKids was established in 1990 and is dedicated to improving the health and fitness of America's youth. Operation FitKids has arranged for the donation of more than $6 million in equipment (accounting for nearly 8,000 exercise machines) to 150 facilities in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Portland, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Chicago and Miami. In the last three years alone, over 30 facilities have been completed. For more information on Operation FitKids log onto

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