American Council on Exercise (ACE) Helps Nation Jumpstart New Year's Fitness Program during 2001 Fitness on Call

Posted: Jan 02, 2001 in

SAN DIEGO--It’s time for the 2001 Fitness on Call hotline, the American Council on Exercise and Prevention Magazine’s annual exercise hotline. On Saturday, January 13, from 6 a.m.-5 p.m. (PST) ACE wants the public to do something simple and free to help improve their lives—Pick up the phone and dial 1-888-397-2473 (EXRCISE). Volunteer ACE-certified fitness professionals will answer callers’ questions on any exercise-related topic under the sun.

ACE, the world’s leading provider of fitness education, created Fitness on Call five years ago so that people across the country could make direct contact with top fitness experts at the beginning of the year. Last year, experts answered more than 1,000 calls. This year, Fitness on Call will reach even more people as Prevention Magazine joins the event as the exclusive magazine partner. The event is also being sponsored by the San Diego Union- Tribune.

In keeping with the ever-evolving trends, ACE is broadening the list of experts this year to encompass popular mind/body practices such as yoga and Pilates. For anyone who’s never stepped foot on a Reformer or doesn’t know where to place her feet in a reverse warrior pose, ACE will have specialists to talk to.

In addition, fitness celebrities Keli Roberts, a “trainer to the stars” in Los Angeles; Karen Voight, journalist, author and star of her own fitness videos; and Mara Carrico, author of Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics, will provide their unique talents and knowledge. Medical doctors and dieticians will be on hand to help answer calls requiring their specialized experience.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of physical activity and protecting consumers against unsafe and ineffective fitness products and instruction. As the nation’s “workout watchdog,” ACE conducts university-based research and testing that targets fitness products and trends. ACE sets standards for fitness professionals and is the world’s largest nonprofit fitness certifying organization. For more information on ACE and its programs, call (800) 825-3636 or log onto the ACE Web site at

*Event logo, lists of most-often-asked & funniest questions, and experts to interview are available.

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