NANCY O’DELL TEAMS WITH THE HERSHEY CENTER FOR HEALTH & NUTRITION TO GET AMERICA DANCING - National Initiative in Collaboration with the ADA and American Council on Exercise

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HERSHEY, PA (April 14, 2011)— Nancy O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight put on her dancing shoes today to kick off the 2011 Moderation Nation™ campaign, a national consumer education initiative from the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition® (HCHN) that promotes achieving balance through moderation in nutrition and physical activity.

It is estimated that one third of U.S. adults do not meet the minimum levels of aerobic physical activity (150 minutes/week)[1].  O’Dell and the HCHN, in partnership with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA), are on a mission to get America on their feet in a fun, family-friendly way – through dance. 

“As a working mom, I struggle to find the right balance between making sure my family is well-cared for, but also taking care of myself in the process,” said O’Dell. “Dancing is not only fun, but a great way to incorporate a little activity into my daily routine.  Best of all, it’s something I can get my husband, girlfriends or daughter involved in too!”

The 2011 Moderation Nation campaign focuses on educating Americans about moderation through nutrition, including how chocolate can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle, while introducing a new dance activity based on a South American dance called Batuka, combining fun moves and great music, for an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Created by multi-Grammy winning writer/producer, Kike Santander, Batuka integrates an effective and fun pre-choreographed routine that helps achieve a balanced lifestyle.  People all across the country are encouraged to learn about Moderation Nation and give the new dance activity a try by visiting

“We encourage small bouts of physical activity to get people up and active and dancing is one of those activities that can be done anywhere at any time,” said says Scott Goudeseune, ACE president and CEO. “We are pleased to be working with the HCHN on a program designed to teach the importance of moderation to make small changes that can last a lifetime.”

In addition to the Moderation Nation dance, the program includes a robust online destination,, with unique tools and resources to show people how all of their favorite foods, including chocolate, can be responsibly incorporated into their lives. In addition to tips and recipes, the website also features:


  • Online Moderation Nation dance demonstration: For a fun fitness activity that the entire family will enjoy, consumers can download an exclusive demonstration of the new Moderation Nation dance, inspired by Batuka, for free at


  • Access to ADA Member Registered Dietitians (RDs) and ACE Trainers:  The HCHN has opened the door for the many consumers who are interested in a diet and nutrition consultation by hosting more than 1,000 “house calls” in homes across the country.  These in-home events will bring friends and family together in an intimate setting for group nutrition consultations from experienced RDs. In addition, these group sessions will also feature a Moderation Nation dance demonstration led by ACE trainers.

In addition to “house call” events, the HCHN, through the partnership with ADA and ACE, will work with local RDs and fitness trainers who will host free activities at a select number of HERSHEY’®S Track & Field Games (HTFG) state events. An ACE trainer will lead the group in the Moderation Nation dance at the HTFG state events in Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Eugene, and at the North American Final in Hershey, PA, this summer. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a group nutrition event, where they’ll get tips and have tastings with an RD. Visit, for more information or to find HTFG state event near you.

The HCHN is also partnering with key retailers and supermarket RD’s to host Moderation Nation seminars to educate shoppers about the importance of nutritional balance. The supermarket RD’s will host group consultation seminars for customers in select supermarkets.


  • Moderation Menus: To bring balance to everyday meals, the HCHN has created Moderation Menus. Based on an individual’s lifestyle needs, these seven day menu ideas model how to balance food choices and life’s demands.


  • Meal Balancer: Since many people focus on their main dish – and not necessarily the sides that round it out – this interactive tool provides a full-meal decision tree that empowers users to build a balanced meal.  The Meal Balancer shows people the trade-offs that need to be made to achieve true balance, and provides new side dish ideas and suggestions.


  • Food Journal: According to RDs, people who keep food journals are more likely to stay on track with a healthy eating plan.  The HCHN has created a free, downloadable food journal and easy-to-follow journaling tips to help consumers get started.


  • Moderation Nation Facebook page:  The Moderation Nation Facebook page offers continuous tips from Moderation Nation spokespeople on balance and moderation, and provides a forum for people to share their views and tips on how they moderate in their own lives.


  • Moderation Nation Activity Snack™ Mobile App for iPhone: Daily activity is an important part of the lifestyle balance equation, and a recent survey by e Strategy Group found that 68% of consumers seek advice on how to integrate physical activity into their daily routine[2]. The free Moderation Nation Activity Snack Mobile App for iPhone (available through the iTunes App Store) sends reminders to take a short activity break during the day, and can help track how much activity people are actually getting during the week. Adding short “activity snacks” throughout the day can really add up!

Moderation Nation is a testament to the Hershey Company’s commitment to health and wellness for consumers and employees. This commitment starts at home, as the company pilots moderation changes to make balanced nutrition and physical activity part of everyday corporate culture.

The Hershey Company’s commitment to wellness also extends beyond its walls, as it has sponsored the HERSHEY’®S Track & Field Games for more than 30 years, encouraging kids across North America to get active ( while having fun.  HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games is the longest running youth fitness program in North America.  Finally, The Hershey Company is also a founding member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (, a national initiative dedicated to reducing childhood obesity by 2015. 

For more information about Moderation Nation, or to get a firsthand look at the Moderation Nation dance, please visit or visit the Moderation Nation on Facebook at



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[1] As defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2008 Guidelines

[2] An email survey of 1,188 adults ages 18-64, conducted from April 26, 2010- May 1, 2010, by e Strategy Group (Lockport, Illinois), on behalf of The Hershey Company

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