A Bold Commitment

At the American Council on Exercise, we are committed to ending the obesity epidemic by 2035 and seek partners that share that vision. We are working to accomplish this through a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Seeking public policies that reflect visionary thinking, where behavior change support is a key component in the healthcare continuum and actively contributing to the national response to the obesity epidemic.
  • Broadening the number of locations where the public can become educated about and engage in physical activity including health and fitness facilities, workplaces, schools, and within the health care industry.
  • Expanding opportunities for current and aspiring health and fitness professionals to become certified by an NCCA-accredited program, and then continue their education through professional development delivered in person or through modern, progressive technologies and eLearning techniques.
  • Collectively embracing, across many industries, the benefits of working with well-qualified health and fitness professionals while also striving to make science-based health and fitness information paramount to the practices that will lead to sustainable lifestyle change including nutrition, behavior change support and physical activity.

We encourage joining us in our endeavor and envisioning how ACE and your organization can mutually support each other to help vastly more people live their most fit lives.

Forging Close Working Relationships

As a mission-focused certifier, educator, content developer, researcher and representative of over 75,000 health and fitness professionals, building and sustaining relationships that are deeply rooted in meeting the organization’s strategic objectives is where we believe the greatest impact can be had. Learn more about how we collaborate with like-minded organizations.