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Laurie Lasseter


Laurie Lasseter

Woodridge, IL US 60517


Certified Group Fitness Instructor for 28 years (Cardio Jam/Hi-Lo Aerobics, Total Strength/Powerflex, Boot Camp, Resist-a-ball, Water Aerobics, BOSU, TRX), Certified Personal Trainer (with Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification) and Certified Running Coach specializing in Runners (1st time marathon and competitive/Boston qualifying efforts, First Half Marathon training, First 5K training, beginning runners). Marathon Runner (completed 30 marathons, including all 6 of the World Marathon Majors - Chicago (12), New York, Boston (3), Berlin, London, Tokyo), Distance Runner (5K to Half-Marathon). Finishing your first marathon, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or finishing your first 5K can be one of the greatest experiences and accomplishments of your life. The road to this accomplishment can be challenging and can often be derailed by injury. Marathons, distance races and other endurance sports require higher volumes of training that can often aggravate pre-existing postural and muscular imbalances. Fortunately, these injuries can often be prevented through a personalized, proactive muscular endurance, strengthening and stretching program that works in concert with your cardiovascular training to help you arrive and the start line both fit and injury-free. Laurie Lasseter (an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (with ACE Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification), RRCA Certified Running Coach and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor) is uniquely qualified to work with you to create such a program and achieve your endurance event goals. With over 27 years of Fitness Industry Experience and over 38 years of Endurance Running experience, completing 30 marathons (including 3 Boston Marathons and all 6 of the World Marathon Majors - Chicago (12), New York, Boston (3), Berlin, London, Tokyo) and numerous other distance events, she has used these methods to help herself and her clients achieve injury-free marathon completions, Boston Qualifying marathon effo

Ace Certifications

Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Years Certified with Ace


Programs and Rates

Private Personal Training Sessions: $60.00
Group Fitness Sessions: $65.00
Semi-private / Small Group Training: $65.00

Years in the Industry

21+ years

Areas of Focus

Group Fitness
Aquatic Fitness
Boot Camp
Cardiorespiratory Program Design
Group Strength
Step/Traditional Aerobics
Specialized Equipment Training
Kettlebell Training
Suspension Training
Strength Training
Bodyweight Training
Core Training
Endurance Sports
Functional Training
Sports Performance

Specialist Programs

Sports Conditioning


Personal Trainer Specific Information

Years Of Experience

2-5 years

Preferred Client Type

Athletes, Healthy Adult, Other, Marathon, Distance Runner training

Client Training Locations

Club and Home

Average Clients Weekly


Group Fitness Instructor Specific Information

Years of Experience

21+ years

Preferred Formats

Aquatics, Aerobics, Boot Camp, Resistance