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Jennifer Rowe


Jennifer Rowe


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Client Specialty: I think I'd say my specialty is women, especially moms. I love helping them get back to pre-pregnancy shape. Being a mom myself I've been there and done it myself. I know how hard it is to fit exercise into a busy schedule. It's important for us to make the time for ourselves, but it's not always possible. With the set up that I have here you can bring the kids with you. With my personal and professional experience, I will ensure you get the results you are looking for. History: I started seriously exercising after my second child was born in 2000. I loved it right away! But realized that not everyone felt the same way about exercise as I did. I decided to become a personal trainer not only to share this feeling I felt with others, but to educate and help clients get to their goals faster and safer. Over the years I've spent time not only educating myself and personal training clients but also other personal trainers. There is so much to learn as a new trainer, and I believe that passing on my experience and knowledge will help to make the fitness industry even better. Philosophy: Exercise needs to be a daily, enjoyable habit, not a forceful choice. It's rewarding to bring your body to it's full potential and physical activity should be a priority for everyone to ensure you live your life to it’s fullest. I understand that life and kids can get in the way sometimes, but consistency will be required of you to maximize your success and I will be there to encourage you every step of the way.

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Personal Trainer

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Group Fitness Sessions: $15.00

Years in the Industry

6-10 years

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Disease Considerations
Pre-Post Natal
Group Fitness
Boot Camp
Group Strength
Indoor Cycling
Walking Programs
Strength Training
Balance Training
Bodyweight Training
Core Training
Flexibility Training
Functional Training
Movement-based Training
Weight Management
Women's Health

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Years Of Experience

6-10 years

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Healthy Adult, Overweight, Other, Moms

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Home, Other, Club and Home, Private Personal Training Home Studio

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