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Robert Curtis


Robert Curtis

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Let's start and continue a conversation about your journey to better health and vitality, focusing on what the benefits of a plant-based, whole-foods approach could mean for you. And then partner to go further if you'd like. I love to listen and discuss what’s working now and or what worked before, and what the possibilities can be to further your health on your path. All of this by helping in the crafting of better and sustainable habits for your daily life oriented around plant-based eating, enjoying, and thriving. Having worked as a health care professional in a multi-specialty medical practice for years in central Los Angeles I got to see the all too many manifestations of lifestyle interrelated illnesses, like diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and even cancer, along with numerous related neurologic, muscle, and joint issues that to a large extent were likely preventable through diet alone. Looking at this closely and its accompanying needless suffering, and my then own declining health from the Standard American Diet (aptly noted as S.A.D.), motivated me more and more to study and spread the word about lifestyle being the baseline remedy for most of this. In particular a plant-based, whole-foods approach as the prime starting point, adding in exercise and stress management, and growing connection with our fellow beings. Accordingly, I have pursued a plant-based, whole-foods eating approach since 2012, having reaped tremendous gains in my health such as resolving an irritable bowel condition, frequent anxiety, high cholesterol and the then coming onset of diabetes, hypertension and even the beginnings of erectile dysfunction. In 2020 I further rounded my knowledge, completing the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program through eCornell and as I continue on this journey it's my honor to be of service in helping you optimize your health. Look for coming services at Thank you. To your health!

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