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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a plus-size, plant based, online personal trainer, health coach, and behavior change specialist. I love seeing people succeed, and it brings me even more joy to be part of the process. I am all about body positivity; healthy body positivity, that is (for more info please ask me). Now, I know it might sound strange to you, but the reason I'm plus-size now is because I am so tired of worrying about losing weight, then rebounding. I am so tired of doing something to get in shape because somebody else did it, and it worked for them. I've been dieting since I was in the 5th grade. I reached exceptional fitness levels, but I was never satisfied as I was always so obsessed with how much I weighed, and the calories I consumed. That is very unhealthy, as well as both mentally and physically exhausting. My philosophy is getting fit on my own terms. And that's what I aim to offer you as a client. Helping you achieve your goals on your own terms. I've always been curious about what triggers my food binges, and what keeps me on track. After years of trial and error, and studying, I am finally reaching my fitness goals slowly and the healthy way. That's my preference. So, if any of this sounds interesting to you please don't hesitate to say hi. I would love to chat, even if it's just to hear your story. My consultation sessions are and will always be free of charge. My target audience is women who struggle with body image and weight maintenance. That being said, I am open to hearing everybody's story. I won't waste your time and mine. Please know that I don't take on clients I know I can't offer assistance. I will try to refer you to someone who can. Let's get fit together!

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Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach

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Private Personal Training Sessions: $25.00

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0-1 years

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Program Design
Weight Management

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Behavior Change


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0-1 years

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Overweight, Other, body image issues

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Other, Online

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0-1 years

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