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Wade Wiley


Wade Wiley


(240) 310-4626


Born and raised on a farm in rural western Maryland, I discovered at an early age that adopting a healthy and active lifestyle can lay a solid foundation upon which to build a beautiful, meaningful life. With more than a decade of experience as an instructor, my passion for adventure and fulfillment has granted me the opportunity to help well over one thousand individuals learn and grow in the activities of spinning, snowboarding, running, cycling, group fitness, aquatics, backpacking, and wilderness survival. My mission is to empower and assist you in the discovery, planning, progress, and maintenance of your personal fitness goals. Safety, knowledge, and proper technique will become the platform by which all activities and skill sets will be attained, setting the stage for you to effectively strive towards your greatest potential and excellence.

Ace Certifications

Years Certified with Ace

8 Expired

Programs and Rates

Private Personal Training Sessions: $50.00
Group Fitness Sessions: $25.00
Semi-private / Small Group Training: $75.00
Yoga Classes: $25.00

Years in the Industry

2-5 years

Areas of Focus

Corrective Exercise
Disease Considerations
Group Fitness
Aquatic Fitness
Cardiorespiratory Program Design
Core Training
Functional Training
Group Strength
Indoor Cycling
Nutrition for Health and Wellness
Sports Nutrition
Strength Training
Bodyweight Training
Core Training
Endurance Sports
Flexibility Training
Functional Training
Sports Performance
Weight Management
Other Mind Body

Specialist Programs