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  • Advancing the Field - Research by the ACE Scientific Advisory Panel

ACE Scientific Advisory Panel Reports

Quality Health and Fitness Research

The ACE Scientific Advisory Panel, composed of experts from the fields of exercise science, sports medicine, psychology, nutrition, and fitness, evaluates current research and reviews high-profile products and trends to develop engaging reports on relevant topics. These reports were written with the health and fitness professional in mind and aim to both advance the industry and protect the public from unsafe exercise instruction and practices.


The Impact of Hydration on Athletic Performance

Maintaining optimal hydration is essential for performance in both sport and life. This paper examines the physiological and performance consequences of dehydration and overhydration, how to determine a person’s hydration status and fluid replacement needs, and specific populations at greater risk for dehydration.
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Exercise Adherence: Translating the Evidence on Barriers and Facilitators into Practice

Fewer than half of American adults achieve the recommended amount of physical activity needed for good health, with lack of time, energy and motivation cited as the most common reasons. This paper examines evidence-based behavioral strategies for improving exercise adherence, and how health and fitness professionals can play a key role in helping people achieve benefits of exercise.
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The Science of Post-exercise Recovery

Post-exercise recovery is a vital component of the overall exercise training paradigm, and essential for high-level performance and continued improvement. This paper examines evidence-based recovery strategies and the critical role that health and fitness professional play in helping clients identify the most appropriate training recovery program, a process that requires purposeful trial and error.
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Strategies and Recommendations for Youth Physical-activity Programming

Health and fitness professionals, healthcare providers, school administrators, government officials and parents need to work together to help youth develop and maintain healthy behaviors during their formative years. This paper examines the link between childhood physical inactivity and disease risk, and highlights novel strategies for identifying and treating youth who are not accumulating the recommended daily amount of physical activity.
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