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Exclusive Insurance Program for ACE-certified Fitness Professionals
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all insurance policies for personal trainers the same?

Today, a number of insurance companies are offering liability policies to certified personal trainers. But simply buying a policy is not enough. One must know what the policy covers - or more importantly - what it does not cover is of critical importance. Because if a client files a claim and the policy does not cover it, it’s as if there was absolutely no policy at all.

Do I need general liability/premises liability coverage?

Many policies today are being issued that do not include general and premises liability. Nowadays, many fitness professionals train clients in their homes or in gyms where they are not “employees” as defined by insurance. If a claim arises from in-home training, trainers need this kind of insurance coverage. If a claim arises from training a client in a gym, hopefully the gym will have the necessary coverage; however, technically anyone associated with the event can be sued, including the trainer. If she or he has the right policy, an insurance company’s lawyer will in fact defend the trainer.

Not all general liability policies are the same, so be sure to do your research and choose a policy that provides the following:
  • Products Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Abuse and Molestation
  • Professional Liability
  • Additional Insureds (At No Extra Cost)
  • No Joining Fee

Be sure the company you choose is an admitted A+ rated company that will be around to support you comprehensively in the event of a claim. The A+ company will provide you with legal defense at not cost for you. That’s a comforting fact if you’re facing the stress of a lawsuit. If you get a lower-rated company that is non-admitted, or what is called a “Surplus Lines” company, they may not have the financial strength you will need. You could actually pay for a policy and have them close their doors. We have seen examples of this during the recent national economic challenges.

My staff holds numerous fitness certifications. Can this have an impact on the cost of my policy?

Yes! Insurance providers should acknowledge the value of industry certifications and their influence on the delivery of safe, quality fitness programs and instruction. Certifications can result in a significant discount on your insurance premium. Just as auto insurers provide discounts to safe drivers, when fitness professionals follow certifying guidelines, they are practicing their profession in a safe manner. This mean the insurer takes less risk and the insured (you!) reaps the reward.

What is is a web-based insurance service dedicated to providing fitness professionals an easy and efficient way to secure important insurance coverage. An exclusive program with discounted insurance is available to ACE-certified professionals through The site includes downloadable and online applications for a quick and pain-free application process, and the ability to submit any questions you might have. In just a few moments, fitness professionals can select their program, pay the affordable premium and receive the certificate of insurance.

What is’s relationship to the fitness industry? is an exclusive and independent provider of insurance services to the fitness industry. is an IHRSA Associate member, supporting the global efforts of IHRSA to grow and support an industry that adheres to the highest professional standards to the benefit of its clubs and club members worldwide.

What is the value of certification when it comes to insurance for trainers? has developed a comprehensive selection of insurance products specifically geared to fitness professionals, fitness studios and club owners. Certified professionals and facilities owned by certified professionals typically enjoy deep discounts on their premiums, and certified trainers can help their fitness clubs qualify for significant premium discounts.