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Tools to Help Your Practice

In addition to certifying and educating more than 75,000 ACE Certified Professionals, ACE offers science-based insight and resources you can use with your patients and clients. Access tools you can utilize to help gauge readiness to change, chart progress, provide information about how your patients and clients can work to achieve small goals and ultimately, accomplish long-term, healthy change.


ACE Senior Advisor for Healthcare Solutions Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RD, covers numbers your patients and clients should know, common complaints, and motivational tools in our series of short and informative videos.

To learn more about how you can expand your healthcare team, call (888) 825-3636, ext. 734 or email wellness@acefitness.org.

ACE Podcasts

Access 10 episodes of 15 Minutes to Wellness, our original ACE‑hosted podcast interviews of renowned experts from a number of fields including health, behavioral psychology, medicine, fitness and education. Each episode features a special guest offering valuable insights on adopting sustainable behavior change.


Assessment Forms

Access forms for exercise history, food tracking, body‑composition assessment and more that you can utilize with clients and patients working toward achieving long‑term, healthy change. Our portfolio of forms can help you easily track progress and remind patients and clients of goals they set at the start of their journeys.


Lifestyle Change Worksheets

Download valuable worksheets that will help you lead clients and patients toward long-term lifestyle change. Use our food diaries, behavior tracking forms, hunger trackers and more as tools to encourage adoption of new healthy habits.

American Council on Exercise
Scott Goudeseune President & CEO

The burden that chronic disease and the obesity epidemic have placed on our country has caused an unchecked increase in healthcare spending, and has pushed our primary care physicians to the limit.

Under those conditions, moving the needle on the health of our people has become a hefty challenge. Now, more than ever, we need cooperation between healthcare providers and well-qualified health and fitness professionals. We need to extend care beyond the clinical setting by making science-based expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition, more accessible in communities.

As qualified members of the healthcare team, ACE Certified Health Coaches and other well-qualified professionals with expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition can help support physicians and patients, and they can increase quality of care while decreasing costs. They can deliver care within their scope of practice and work collaboratively in a team-based model.

Now is the time to pool our resources, to respond to the need in our country by giving people the information and guidance they need to live healthier lives long term. Now is the time to utilize the science-based, interdisciplinary coaching, counseling and support for behavior change that professionals who hold the only health coaching certification accredited by the NCCA can deliver.

ACE is training the most competent, knowledgeable health coaches and fitness professionals in the country. Now we need your help to connect those professionals to people who need them most, the same people who rely on you for quality care.

Learn More

ACE 2017 Impact Report Download » Get a more in-depth look at the work ACE has done in the past year, as well as the progress our country has made in responding to the obesity and chronic disease epidemics.