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Partnerships That Support Our Mission

Adequately addressing the obesity epidemic requires a multi-disciplinary approach deeply rooted in physical activity, nutrition and behavior change. ACE stands with leaders across the country committed to working together to eliminate the obesity epidemic. Bringing other experts in healthcare, fitness, nutrition, behavior change, business, education and government is key to adopting a prevention-centered system of care and helping people already at risk achieve long-term, healthy change.

The Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Obesity Solutions

ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM, serves on The Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Roundtable on Obesity Solutions. Established in the fall of 2013, the roundtable is designed to engage leadership from the multiple sectors essential for cohesive and coordinated action to solve the obesity crisis. The roundtable provides a trusted venue for the collaborative engagement of thought leaders from public health, health care, industry, government, philanthropy, nonprofits, the financial sector, and academia. Its aim is to foster an ongoing dialogue about critical and emerging policy and research issues to accelerate and sustain progress in obesity prevention and care. Activities of the roundtable include identification of promising interventions and collaborative actions to implement change in such areas as food and nutrition, physical activity, families, early care and education, schools, healthcare settings, worksites, communities, and the message and media environment.

Campaign to End Obesity

ACE President and CEO Scott Goudeseune serves as a member of the Campaign's board of directors. The organization brings together preeminent thinkers and leaders from across industry, academia and public health to provide information and guidance that decision-makers need to make policy changes that will reverse obesity, one of the nation's costliest and most prevalent diseases.

Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP)

Formed in 2013, the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals unites providers that offer health and fitness certification programs accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The 501(c)(6) is designed to serve as an internationally recognized registry for qualified professionals in the United State and a vehicle for advocacy on regulatory issues. As a founding member of CREP, ACE helps to present a united front to obtain formal recognition for the "well qualified" health and fitness professional as a healthcare provider — a term often used in legislation — defined as those who hold an NCCA-accredited certification.

National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA)

ACE President and CEO Scott Goudeseune serves as president for NCPPA's Board of Directors. NCPPA is a leading force in the country promoting physical activity and fitness initiatives among diverse segments of the population. In 2013, ACE served on a team of groups organizing and participating in the Economics of Physical Activity Forum at the Pew Charitable Trust in Washington, DC. The organization gathers forward-thinking economists, thought leaders and policy analysts to discuss economic issues related to physical activity across the United States and what opportunities exist for research, policy and practice. The organization has also continued to build on the CEO Pledge, a commitment by business leaders nationwide to add physical activity opportunities to their workplaces. ACE has continued to assist NCPPA as an active participant in its Membership, Business/Industry and Policy committees.

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is the largest accreditor of educational programs in the health sciences field. The Committee on the Accreditation of Exercise Sciences (CoAES) is a committee within CAAHEP that focuses specifically on accrediting exercise science programs and personal training academic programs in colleges and universities. The organization's standards help ensure that students are adequately prepared to earn an NCCA-accredited certification and serve as safe and effective health and fitness professionals. ACE assisted in revising the group's standards to allow accreditation of two-year, community college programs. Involvement with CoAES is one more way ACE is safeguarding the public and protecting the integrity of qualified health and fitness professionals.

Osteoarthritis Action Alliance

The Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance is a national coalition of concerned organizations mobilized by the Arthritis Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and managed by University of North Carolina's Thurston Arthritis Research Center. The coalition is committed to elevating OA as a national health priority, and promoting effective policy solutions that aim to address the individual and national toll of OA. In addition, the OA Action Alliance, with the public health community, is working to ensure people with OA have the access, skills and capacity to benefit from effective and proven interventions. ACE is a member of the OA Action Alliance and its Chief Science Officer Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM, is co-chair of the Physical Activity Working Group.

To learn more about how you can expand your healthcare team, call (888) 825-3636, ext. 734 or email wellness@acefitness.org.

American Council on Exercise

The burden that chronic disease and the obesity epidemic have placed on our country has caused an unchecked increase in healthcare spending, and has pushed our primary care physicians to the limit.

Under those conditions, moving the needle on the health of our people has become a hefty challenge. Now, more than ever, we need cooperation between healthcare providers and well-qualified health and fitness professionals. We need to extend care beyond the clinical setting by making science-based expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition, more accessible in communities.

As qualified members of the healthcare team, ACE Certified Health Coaches and other well-qualified professionals with expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition can help support physicians and patients, and they can increase quality of care while decreasing costs. They can deliver care within their scope of practice and work collaboratively in a team-based model.

Now is the time to pool our resources, to respond to the need in our country by giving people the information and guidance they need to live healthier lives long term. Now is the time to utilize the science-based, interdisciplinary coaching, counseling and support for behavior change that professionals who hold the only health coaching certification accredited by the NCCA can deliver.

ACE is training the most competent, knowledgeable health coaches and fitness professionals in the country. Now we need your help to connect those professionals to people who need them most, the same people who rely on you for quality care.

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