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Tools To Help You Deliver Comprehensive Care

ACE has a number of science-based, quality education programs to supplement the expertise you already possess. Learn to lead people from all walks of life to sustainable, healthy change by building knowledge and skills in behavior change, nutrition and fitness. Help patients and clients turn your recommendations into actionable results as an ACE Behavior Change Specialist, ACE Certified Health Coach, or Medical Exercise Specialist.

ACE Health Coach Certification

In the United States, about half of all adults — 117 million people — have one or more chronic health conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Providing adequate treatment for those patients, in large part, has fallen on primary care physicians who are limited by time and resources. As a recognized member of the healthcare continuum, an ACE Certified Health Coach can help empower clients through behavior change so they can adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate and even reverse chronic diseases. By supporting both the physician and the patient, Certified Health Coaches can help increase quality of care while decreasing costs. ACE offers the only Health Coach Certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Learn More »

Behavior Change Specialist

The ACE Behavior Change Specialist Program offers a comprehensive, interactive learning experience to help you or a member of your team improve the practical, hands-on skills needed to coach people to healthy, long-term change. The curriculum incorporates time-tested, science-based strategies to develop client-coach relationships and deliver interventions rooted in the science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence. Candidates will also take part in a practical skills experience, during which they’ll receive live feedback from an ACE Master Coach on individual skills. Contributing experts include William Miller, Ph.D., founder of motivational interviewing; Dan Goleman, Ph.D., author of The New York Times bestsellers Emotional Intelligence and Focus; and Robert Biswas-Diener, Ph.D., positive psychology expert. Learn More »

Medical Exercise Specialist Certification

As an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, you or a member of your team will have the advanced expertise to best serve the client of today, a client who often suffers from a variety of chronic medical conditions. Having specialized, comprehensive knowledge in medical fitness will help create a critical link between community and the healthcare team. ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialists hold valuable expertise in creating programs for post-rehabilitative clients recovering from cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions; identifying postural imbalances; and implementing programs that train the body to overcome, and in many instances, prevent conditions from occurring. Learn More »

To learn more about how you can expand your healthcare team, call (888) 825-3636, ext. 734 or email wellness@acefitness.org.


Continuing Education

Online Courses

Study at your own pace with distance learning courses that cover topics including nutrition, wellness, kinesiology, behavior change, and specific needs of those impacted by obesity and chronic disease. Learn More »


Be part of the live discussion between ACE and experts in exercise theory, behavior change, nutrition, and obesity and weight management for free with our monthly webinars. You'll have the option to earn continuing professional education credits as part of these offerings. Learn More »

ACE Workshops

Get face to face with ACE Master Trainers in classroom environments by attending workshops held at local health facilities, university settings, community centers or industry conferences. Learn More »

Specialist Programs

Add a professional with specialty training in weight management, youth fitness, fitness nutrition, behavior change, senior fitness, therapeutic exercise, orthopedic exercise or a number of other fields to your team by exploring ACE Specialist Program. Learn More »

American Council on Exercise

The burden that chronic disease and the obesity epidemic have placed on our country has caused an unchecked increase in healthcare spending, and has pushed our primary care physicians to the limit.

Under those conditions, moving the needle on the health of our people has become a hefty challenge. Now, more than ever, we need cooperation between healthcare providers and well-qualified health and fitness professionals. We need to extend care beyond the clinical setting by making science-based expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition, more accessible in communities.

As qualified members of the healthcare team, ACE Certified Health Coaches and other well-qualified professionals with expertise in behavior change, fitness and nutrition can help support physicians and patients, and they can increase quality of care while decreasing costs. They can deliver care within their scope of practice and work collaboratively in a team-based model.

Now is the time to pool our resources, to respond to the need in our country by giving people the information and guidance they need to live healthier lives long term. Now is the time to utilize the science-based, interdisciplinary coaching, counseling and support for behavior change that professionals who hold the only health coaching certification accredited by the NCCA can deliver.

ACE is training the most competent, knowledgeable health coaches and fitness professionals in the country. Now we need your help to connect those professionals to people who need them most, the same people who rely on you for quality care.

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ACE 2017 Impact Report Download » Get a more in-depth look at the work ACE has done in the past year, as well as the progress our country has made in responding to the obesity and chronic disease epidemics.