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  • The Ultimate Learning Experience: Prepare for your Personal Trainer Exam with ACE Academy Elite
Need Help? Call our experts at (888) 825-3636 or email them with questions.

ACE Academy Elite Study Experience

ACE Academy Elite

Streamline your study plan with our interactive guide, engaging video lessons

ACE Academy Elite sorts all of the content you'll need to prepare for the ACE Personal Trainer exam into convenient lessons, helping you study more efficiently and effectively. Candidates who use the dynamic tool throughout the entire process have reduced study time down to 12 weeks, based on 10 hours per week of studying. Video lessons featuring ACE Professionals help break down complicated topics and quizzes help you gauge your knowledge as you go.

Custom Progress Tracking

ACE Academy Elite

Stay organized as you advance with custom progress tracking

Take the guesswork out of what to study by following our course syllabus, which includes 19 lessons comprised of video lectures, assigned readings and quizzes that make sure you’re ready to move on. We’ve found the majority of our candidates get the most out of studying if they follow the entire ACE Academy Elite lesson plan without skipping any content.

ACE Academy Elite Fact

Until ACE Academy Elite launched, I was having a hard time staying on track and motivated to study on my own.


ACE Resource Center

ACE Academy EliteGet study help from an
ACE Certified Professional

Unlike other certification organizations that leave you to prepare on your own, ACE supports you throughout the study process. Experts in our ACE Resource Center provide personal, one-on-one connections for candidates preparing for ACE exams by offering encouragement or help navigating complicated topics. When you need expertise, our ACE Resource Center team is available by phone or via email.



ACE Academy Elite

Get Social With Studying

In addition to our team of experts in the ACE Resource Center, we have a number of study resources you can use. Our Facebook page dedicated to people preparing for their certification exams can help connect you with study partners in your area or get tips from candidates who’ve been through the process. Our Exam Prep blog can also help you navigate complicated topics and give you valuable advice about exam sites, study techniques and what to expect on exam day.