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Prepare for the exam with confidence with the newly updated ACE Academy Elite, which provides a guided study experience that delivers a user-friendly approach to the core concepts of exercise science through new instructional videos, a newly sequenced study blueprint, and additional articles and expert resources. Candidates who use the dynamic tool throughout the entire process have reduced study time down to 16 weeks, based on around 10 hours per week of studying. Newly updated video lessons featuring ACE Professionals help break down challenging topics, and quizzes help you gauge your knowledge as you go.

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Take the guesswork out of what to study by following our course outline, which includes 26 lessons comprised of all-new instructional videos, an easy-to-follow study plan and quizzes that make sure you're ready to move on. We've found the majority of our candidates get the most out of studying if they follow the entire ACE Academy Elite lesson plan without skipping any content.

Be ready to work with clients on day one

The ACE Academy Elite Expansion Pack bonus module, offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge you acquired while studying ACE Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals to scenarios and case studies. Five targeted activities and 19 real-world case studies enable you to practice the concepts of human anatomy, movement terminology, nutrition and hydration, and exercise physiology, as they relate to training clients. After completing each activity, compare your answers to those provided at the back of the online booklet to determine if you are on the right track.

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