We get it – you're interested in a personal training career and want to test the waters before going all in with an ACE Certification. If you want a job in fitness, this NEW course provides the know-how to get started quickly! It's your steppingstone to a meaningful and rewarding career.

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Learn the basic skills to confidently work with clients and help them achieve their fitness goals. This course covers the essentials of exercise science and teaches you the vital communication and business skills you need for success.

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You can complete this course in as little as two weeks! This means less time studying, and quicker entry into the field of fitness. Your ACE Certificate of Completion will help you stand out to the most sought-after employers.


About the course

This certificate course is your ticket to launching a fitness career and gaining valuable hands-on experience that can open doors to a fulfilling future. It's an ideal choice if you're thinking about becoming a personal trainer and want to get started quickly before fully committing to an ACE Certification. Alongside learning the basics of personal training, this course will emphasize crucial business skills necessary for building and maintaining a robust client base.


In this one-of-a-kind introductory course, you'll gain essential skills of personal training by learning to effectively communicate with members and boost your client base, income, and influence with expert insights.

What you'll learn:

The ACE IFT® Model is the key to creating exercise programs that support clients in achieving their goals. Unlike other models, ACE includes both cardiorespiratory and strength training, encapsulating a functional fitness and recovery program that can meet the needs of every client. The ACE IFT® Model is designed to support you in meeting people wherever they are in their fitness journey and progress them toward their goals.

The ACE Mover Method and ACE ABC Approach are the philosophy and tools for you to coach clients toward a healthy lifestyle. Rooted in behavior change science, these tools emphasize empathy and trust, communication and collaboration. This straightforward communication tool gives you the step-by-step method of empowering your clients to reach their wellness goals.

A successful personal trainer knows how to create an environment where all clients and members feel welcome, comfortable and ready to get to work meeting their goals. This course will teach you the skills needed to become the favorite person in the gym. Personal trainers play a crucial part in impacting lives when they approach conversations with empathy and inclusive language. By creating an inviting environment that enhances client engagement and retention, you can be a better advocate for your client within the health and fitness industry.

Learn and understand the steps for prosperous sales and client retention to ensure you’re finding financial success in your new career. This course will introduce you to fitness industry sales, eliminate barriers to success, provide you with tips to engage your community, convert people into clients and set you up to measure your income and impact. With insight from our seasoned experts, you’ll be prepared to jump right into sales and make money as soon as you finish your course work.

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