What Does a Health Coach Do?

As a health coach, you will play a crucial role in the fight against chronic, inactivity-related diseases that result in an estimated 40 million deaths per year globally, according to the World Health Organization. Discover how you can launch a successful and rewarding career as a health coach.

Reach vulnerable populations

Help people increase their awareness and capacity for change as a health coach. You will impact individuals struggling to make their intentions a reality and, by empowering them, you offer those most in need of help the opportunity to take charge of their lifestyle choices.

Impact more people and lead full life transformations

As a health coach, you will help a growing population of individuals with chronic diseases. Partner with clients and awaken them to their own unique skills, strengths, abilities and untapped potential by utilizing behavior-change techniques. You can help them optimize their health and well-being so they can truly thrive in their lives.

Create new career opportunities

Becoming a health coach opens new opportunities for a wide range of health, wellness and exercise professionals. Whether you work within the healthcare field, the fitness industry, the workplace environment or community settings, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to meaningfully impact the health and well-being of a diverse array of individuals.