Group Fitness Instructor Review Questions Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Legal and Professional Responsibilities

1. Failure to act as a reasonable and prudent person would act under similar circumstances is generally known as:
A. Omission
B. Commission
C. Negligence
D. Liability

2. Which of the following definitions BEST describes standard of care?
A. The care that the group fitness instructor takes in executing his or her duties
B. The quality of group fitness instruction services provided is commensurate with current professional standards
C. The standards that a group fitness instructor utilizes in caring for the participants
D. The responsibilities that arise from the relationship between the participants and the group fitness instructor

3. Risk management encompasses which of the following?
A. An examination of risk areas for the fitness professional
B. A method to minimize the risk of litigation
C. The management of risk factors to create a safe exercise environment
D. Lessening of the risk of injury for both the instructor and the participants

4. The primary purpose of an informed consent is to:
A. Make the dangers of an exercise program or test procedures known
B. Inform the participant of the billing and cancellation procedures
C. Obtain permission of the participant to proceed with an exercise program
D. Obtain a waiver of liability from the participant in the event of an accident

5. Professional Liability Insurance is designed to cover which of the following?
A. Slipping on a wet floor in the locker room and spraining an ankle
B. Straining the muscles of the low back during a squat
C. Becoming injured after following the instructor's directions and demonstrations
D. Receiving medical care for an accident or acute injury

6. Which of the following is NOT included in a comprehensive risk-management review?
A. Identification of risk areas and evaluation of specific risks in each area
B. Selection of appropriate treatment for each risk
C. Implementation of a risk-management system and evaluation of its success
D. Demonstration of risk areas and possible ways to avoid risk

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