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Facility Detail

Westside Barbell

Westside Barbell
457 Industry Dr
Columbus, OH 43204
Columbus, OH USA 43204

(614) 272-5190

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Westside Barbell
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Westside Barbell is a private “Invitation Only” Elite training facility in Columbus Ohio. It was created by world renowned power lifter Louie Simmons. Louie is one of only 5 lifters to total Elite in 5 different powerlifting weight classes. For the last 37 years Louie Simmons has totaled Elite in various power-lifting organizations. He is the only lifter over 50 years of age to squat 920 pounds, bench 600 pounds and dead lift 722 pounds which in total 2100 pounds and was ranked 4th nationally in 2000 in the open. Over the many years that Louie has been involved in power-lifting and special strength training, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to produce strength. Through experience and constant research, his areas of expertise are vast and include but not limited to the list below; The Percent Training Method The Conjugate Training Method The Dynamic Training Method The Maximum Effort Method Lifting Technique Raising Work Capacity Rehabilitation And Restoration The Reactive And Contrast Methods Louie’s training methodology is backed up by his athlete’s results. Currently he trains 33 men who have benched 700 pounds, 8 over 800, and 2 over 900 pounds. In addition Louie has 17 athletes who have squatted over 1000 pounds and 6 over 1100. He also has 20 athletes who deadlift over 800 pounds and has 15 athletes who have a total lifting record over 2500 pounds, 8 over 2600 pound total, and the only gym to have 3 over 2700 pound totals, plus 2 over 2800 pounds and 1 over 2900 pounds. All these athletes train within Westside Barbell.

Facility Information

  • Total Square Footage:  < 5,000 sq feet
  • Facility Type:  Sports Performance
  • Operating Hours: 

Features and Amenities

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Personal Training Personal Training
Other: Private Facility- Invitation Only
Group Exercise Group Exercise
Other: Private Facility- Invitation Only
Mind/Body Programs Mind/Body
Other: Private Facility- Invitation Only
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Sports Performance