ACE Workshops coming to a town near you

Your passion for learning has inspired us to create ACE on Tour, a new way of experiencing workshops. All of our learning experiences, which register at either 5 or 8 hours, fall into one of three areas of focus: Performance, Be the Best Trainer, or Optimal Health. Each quarter, another region in the United States will be assigned a different area of focus. This allows us to deliver education to you efficiently and to ensure you have numerous opportunities near you to attend fitness conferences or workshops of interest. Depending on the length of our workshops, they are valued at either 0.5 or 0.8 CECs.


Workshops in our Performance Tour include Sports Conditioning and Movement-Based Exercise. Both areas of focus will help you best teach efficient movement and build expertise in correct posture, and improving speed, motor skills, agility, power and reactivity. Instead of training using isolated muscle actions, you’ll also learn to integrate whole-body movement patterns.

Be the best trainer

Workshops in our Be the Best Trainer Tour include Personal Training and Small Group Training. Depending on which experience you choose, you can deepen your knowledge on delivering custom, individualized programs or discover how expanding from one-on-one training can help you maximize your schedule.

Optimal health

Our Optimal Health Tour experience includes our Metabolic Training, Fitness Programming for Overweight Clients and Clients Affected by Obesity, or our Behavior Change workshops. Gain insight into new strategies and movements to help you reach more than two-thirds of adults in the United States impacted by issues with their weight or others who struggle to achieve sustainable, healthy change.


Pre-cons are workshop experiences held at any major health and fitness industry conference. Areas of focus will be dependent on the event or audience.

Upcoming Workshops