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Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 1.5 CECs

Dialing in Sports Nutrition: What Works—And Why

What are the best foods for better energy and performance? What types of food can be used to build muscle and enhance strength and power? Competitive athletes are continuously seeking ways to optimize their performance, and nutrition is an important area that can help them achieve their goals. This course will help you answer your clients’ questions on eating for energy, optimal health and peak performance, and will provide you with practical “how to” fueling information that will help your clients eat to win.

Taught by noted sports nutrition experts Nancy Clark, RD, CSSD, whose Sports Nutrition Guidebook has sold more than half a million copies, and Dr. John Ivy, whose research has pioneered our understanding of muscle metabolism and how nutrition can improve exercise performance, this comprehensive course will give you a deeper understanding of the interaction between nutrition and exercise training, up-to-date information about proper sports nutrition, how to create sports-related food plans, the importance of meal and supplement training and more. Most importantly, it will provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to help your clients achieve their goals in and out of the gym.

Career Outlook

With a growing demand from clients for sports nutrition planning, any professional who works with those striving to be healthy, fit and looking to perform at their best will benefit from this course. Registered dietitians, exercise professionals, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, sports medicine professionals, coaches and others will learn a combination of practical consultation strategies, in-depth knowledge on sports nutrition and pointers on how to grow your business and your career by offering nutritional education to your clients.

You will learn:

  • What’s new (and what’s old) regarding sports nutrition and training information
  • How to understand the interactions between nutrition and exercise training
  • Practical counseling tips you can immediately put into practice
  • Insights into how to coach clients on weight and body image issues
  • How to improve your business and professional activities


Found this course to be more for sports than exercise... I run an obesity clinic hence required something more for fitness nutrition and obesity related exercise nutrition topics

While I can appreciate that mistakes happen, I'm disappointed in the number of typos and outright mistakes throughout this module. Given that ACE requires so many CECs now - and costs per unit continue to increase - I'd like to see much better quality and quality control in the materials we're "required" to purchase and consume. Much information in this module is good - and much is superfluous - I just can't justify some of the errors I saw in materials and quizzes. For instance, Module 4, Q3: "The minimum amount of caffeine that will maximally increase aerobic performance is..." The answers were 5g/kg body mass; 3g/kg body mass; 6g/kg body mass; 9g/kg body mass. The correct answer should be in **milligrams** NOT grams. This is a thousand-fold mistake that should have been caught. Dr. Ivy is an exercise physiologist with a PhD - he'd know that's literally a fatal mistake. And ACE should have much better quality control overall. Similarly, the slide deck (.pdf) provided for Ms. Clark's "Module 6: Eating Disorders..." differed significantly from the presentation. I took a number of screen shots of slides not included in the deck - but let me say thank you for adding one male case study to the eating disorders module, which heavily referred to "her" as the subject. I respect that Ms. Clark has had a respectable career since 1980 but much of her approach and attitude seems poorly presented, sometimes biased, and dated. Both Dr. Ivy's and Ms. Clark's materials exhibited numerous typographical errors. While mistakes happen (and we can all give grace to the occasional error), these modules simply had more issues than justifiable for a professional educational unit. I've been ACE certified since 1995 (and have an undergrad degree in Biology). My health and fitness career is something of a hobby outside of my working professional career. That said, ACE's programs/certs are not cheap - ACE needs to do better.

The course may have been great, but I could never access the video or audio portions. I tried for months. I did everything the ACE customer service agents and technicians suggested. I ended up printing out the presentation slides and taking the test. 40+% of the information necessary to past the test was not in the slide presentation. I had to take several of the test 2 or more times to pass. I still appreciate my ACE Certification, but this was not what I was expecting.

Very well structured. Provided very useful information.