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CEC Credits: ACE 1.5 CECs

Dialing in Sports Nutrition: What Works—And Why

What are the best foods for better energy and performance? What types of food can be used to build muscle and enhance strength and power? Competitive athletes are continuously seeking ways to optimize their performance, and nutrition is an important area that can help them achieve their goals. This course will help you answer your clients’ questions on eating for energy, optimal health and peak performance, and will provide you with practical “how to” fueling information that will help your clients eat to win.

Taught by noted sports nutrition experts Nancy Clark, RD, CSSD, whose Sports Nutrition Guidebook has sold more than half a million copies, and Dr. John Ivy, whose research has pioneered our understanding of muscle metabolism and how nutrition can improve exercise performance, this comprehensive course will give you a deeper understanding of the interaction between nutrition and exercise training, up-to-date information about proper sports nutrition, how to create sports-related food plans, the importance of meal and supplement training and more. Most importantly, it will provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to help your clients achieve their goals in and out of the gym.

Career Outlook

With a growing demand from clients for sports nutrition planning, any professional who works with those striving to be healthy, fit and looking to perform at their best will benefit from this course. Registered dietitians, exercise professionals, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, sports medicine professionals, coaches and others will learn a combination of practical consultation strategies, in-depth knowledge on sports nutrition and pointers on how to grow your business and your career by offering nutritional education to your clients.

You will learn:

  • What’s new (and what’s old) regarding sports nutrition and training information
  • How to understand the interactions between nutrition and exercise training
  • Practical counseling tips you can immediately put into practice
  • Insights into how to coach clients on weight and body image issues
  • How to improve your business and professional activities


This course certainly covers all areas of knowledge for optimal nutrition coaching!

Very happily surprised. The course is lectured by a PHD with up to date and very specific scientific research. It does not just parrot simplistic government recommendations which is very refreshing. It's a deep dive into the science

It was just read off a powerpoint I did better looking at the powerpoint on my own. I felt no new information was shared and quite possibly update some statistics in it. Not really worth the price I got it. I was hoping to learn more