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Cardiovascular Fitness for Firefighters - IAFF was developed by Bob Karwasky, MS and George Cruz on behalf of the International Association of Fire Fighters. In this course, you will learn principles of testing and training for cardiovascular fitness and how this component of physical fitness relates directly to the profession of firefighting. You'll learn what factors influence maximal oxygen uptake, the energy costs of various fire-fighting tasks and how to conduct different tests to determine aerobic fitness. Understand the elements of program design to increase cardiovascular fitness and ultimately improve job performance.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the relevance of VO2max to aerobic endurance and firefighter job performance.
  2. Explain the premise behind selecting the Gerkin and Bruce protocols for aerobic testing.
  3. Design a program for the development of cardiovascular fitness incorporating the variables of frequency, duration, intensity and progression.


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1.00 Contact Hours


great info! thanks!

The course is all about VO2max but is a rather easy read. Very good information and will absolutely be applying the new knowledge at my FD.