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CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs

Clean Up Your Clients’ Golf Game with Better Movement

For your clients to get the best out of their golf game, an efficient swing is critical. What many don’t realize is the swing is not an isolated movement—it is part of integrated and interconnected movement with the body. In this video training led by noted Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Expert and owner of Kutting Edge Fitness and Kinetic Fitness Dan Kleckner, you will learn the latest information about the body-swing connection and what this means for you and your clients. You will understand how to assess physical limitations that cause movement inefficiencies that lead to a loss of power, swing speed and inconsistent ball striking. In addition, you will find out how improvement of mobility and stability in the golf swing can help prevent injury.

You will learn:

  • To identify the mobility and stability patterns needed in the golf swing to help prevent injury
  • To understand the body-swing connection and how to assess physical limitations in the golf swing
  • How to implement a full assessment and specialized program to truly help golfers improve their fitness


Excellent course, Dan was a fantastic presenter, full of knowledge!!