Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.3 CECs

Encourage Healthier Nutritional Habits

As an exercise professional and health coach, it is important to remain within the scope of your practice when coaching nutrition and better nutrition choices to your clients. The Applying Nutrition Principles course bundle will equip you with information and meaningful behavior change techniques to help you support your clients in healthier food choices and implement into your practice immediately.

Courses include:

Nutrition Coaching:  Changing Habits, Not Diets – Learn how to coach clients to improve their nutrition by using three elements of the “Habit Loop”—cue, routine and reward—to rewire undesirable habits and transform them into positive ones.

The 3D Approach to Finding Nutritional Balance – Find out why the adage “calories in, calories out” is outdated, and learn the most effective energy expenditure exercise methods and nutrition recommendations so you can help your clients better maintain their weight.

Fitness Nutrition:  The Experts Weigh In – Get advice on all things nutrition from three expert registered dieticians! You’ll learn latest information in fitness nutrition and learn how to stay within your scope of practice as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach or medical exercise specialist.

Note:  you will earn 0.1 CECs for each individual course you complete. If you have previously earned CECs for any of the courses in the bundle, you will not earn credits again.