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CEC Credits: ACE 0.1 CECs

Improve Kinetic Chain Movement for Your Clients

“Functional movement” is a popular term in the fitness industry, but what does it looks like when your clients are moving “functionally”? Before you can execute an impactful functional movement program, you must understand how the kinetic chain works so you can properly assess your clients. You will then be able to integrate the right movements at the right time within a training program.

Taught by Jacque Crockford, M.S., CSCS, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, this course will explore the fundamentals of functional training, including how to complete appropriate assessments to build structural strength and prevent imbalances and impairments. Utilizing the ACE IFT® Model and its five functional movement patterns, you will gain a systematic process to assess, design and modify exercise programs for a variety of clients so you can make a real difference in your clients’ health and fitness.

You will learn:

  • The ACE IFT® Model and its relationship to the kinetic chain and functional training
  • How to use the five functional movements to perform movement assessments based on the kinetic chain
  • How to integrate the five functional movements into exercise programming to improve kinetic chain motion


The camera focused on the presenter and didn't show the slides. The information included in those slides should have been a part of the download. The participants kept getting in the way of the demo moves so it wasn't possible to see them.

I would give this course 4-5 stars as the information was great and Jaque is an excellent instructor. However, in video part 2, some of the participants were blocking the camera so one could not see some of what Jaque was having Caroline perform for the assessment. This was particularly problematice during the closed chan chain dorsi-flexion assessment. I found this to be a little frustrating,

Great information, visual examples, and organization of handouts! This is very applicable to my training!