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CEC Credits: ACE 0.5 CECs

Get Personal with Pain

Millions of Americans live with chronic pain, and as a result, many may fear being physically active. You can be the key to alleviating the pain your clients are experiencing so they can get moving again. The first step is to identify and investigate the psychological and environmental factors contributing to their pain experience. The Yellow Brick Road course will teach how to get people with pain moving, both physically and emotionally.


Created and taught by Kevin Murray, CAFS, CPT, who holds an M.A. in Counselling Psychology and is founder of Movement Masterminds and Director of Education for Function First, and Anthony Carey, M.A., MES, CSCS, an international biomechanics and corrective exercise expert, Yellow Brick Road is designed to help you create positive, lasting transformations for your clients by focusing on what transpires before a biomechanical evaluation or exercise program even takes place. You’ll learn to understand your clients outside of their movement limitations so you can offer a multidimensional and personalized strategy, transforming their lives for the better.



Career Outlook


The millions who suffer from chronic pain are in desperate need of relief, but pain can be a complicated riddle to solve. The Yellow Brick Road will help you understand the multiple dimensions of chronic pain so that you can help your clients alleviate it. You will become confident throughout the client intake process and know precisely what to do with clients who have tried many options. Whether you’re a health coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, physiotherapist, chiropractor or a massage therapist, Yellow Brick Road’s framework is designed to fit into and complement your specific area of movement expertise.


You will learn:

  • To present a unified, scientifically-oriented framework focusing on biological, psychological and environmental factors involved in safely and successfully coaching clients in pain.
  • To identify the theory and principles associated with Needs Psychology.
  • How to outline the biopsychosocial model and its three-dimensional influence, with an emphasis the psycho-social aspects as it relates to clients in pain.
  • To provide in-depth analysis into the Yellow Brick Road’s 5 Dimensions of Relationship Building and the interpersonal aspects involved in creating a mutually trusting one-on-one coaching environment.
  • The four steps to helping clients create new and empowering scripts of possibility, referred to as the Yellow Brick Road “Possibilities Paradigm.”


It was very informative. I liked the format. There was a delay between the visual and the audio in my videos. Not sure about the cause.

This provides me with high value, and will benefit my work with clients in the addiction recovery field.

Great information. Well organized.

I would recommend to trainers spec. working with this population. I did not like the photos of concentration camps during the holocaust. Not necessary. Great content and Kevin's presentation fantastic. But workbook mapped poorly with videos. I have found this to be true with other ACE courses.

Thank you! I enjoyed the course. Well designed and detailed presentation. I like the relatively short videos which provide a manageable progression. Remi