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    CEC Club | Terms & Conditions

    Updated: February 17, 2021

    CEC Club Subscription Lengths:

    • CEC Club requires a commitment for the duration specified in the product name
    • CEC Club access:
      • Is active from purchase date through the duration specified in the product name
      • Begins the same day the first payment is processed (e.g. if payment is processed on September 10, expiration is September 10 the next year)
    • CEC Club subscription cannot be paused or placed on hold
    • Individuals can only have one CEC Club subscription at a time; cannot sign up for multiple subscriptions with one customer account

    CEC Club Courseware Availability & Access:

    • ACE reserves the right to:
      • Add to or remove any ACE continuing education course from CEC Club at any time; ACE will attempt to have at least 100 courses available as part of CEC Club
      • Cancel or revoke CEC Club access from an individual's account due to violation of ACE's Code of Ethics
      • Discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances
    • Only select continuing education courses are available as part of the CEC Club; when signing up for CEC Club, customers can access every course currently available as part of CEC Club
    • When CEC Club subscription expires, customer will not have access to incomplete continuing education courses added to their My ACE Account as part of their CEC Club subscription.
    • Continuing education courses that were completed during the CEC Club subscription period will remain in a customer's My ACE Account unless the course is discontinued (later) by ACE as per ACE's regular continuing education policies
    • Access to CEC Club courseware is provided after the first payment is processed successfully
    • If any payment default occurs, My ACE Account (and activity) will be placed on hold until full payment is received

    Application of Continuing Education Credits (CECs):

    • Continuing education courses that were completed prior to CEC Club subscription by customer can be retaken, but additional continuing education credits will not be provided for retaking courses already completed
    • Continuing education course credit completed within a renewal period can only be applied to that renewal period; continuing education credits cannot be 'carried over' or applied to a future or previous renewal period
    • Continuing education credits do not get applied to recertification until after the original expiration date (if you renew early, CECs for your next renewal period will not be applied until after your original expiration date)
    • If an ACE Professional has multiple ACE certifications, completed CEC Club continuing education credits will apply to all current certifications
    • CEC Club subscription can be active across multiple renewal periods, thus continuing education credits completed as part of the CEC Club can be provided across two separate renewal periods. However, as previously stated, continuing education credits only apply to the renewal period that is current at the time of completion of the course and may not be carried over to future renewal periods.


    • CEC Club subscription cannot be transferred to another individual - once signed up, CEC Club subscription will remain in the name of the original purchaser
    • Standard ACE return and refund policies apply to CEC Club
    • If CEC Club courseware has not been completed, same ACE return and refund policies apply
    • Any CEC Club courseware that has been completed in full during the standard ACE return and refund window will not be eligible for a return or refund
    • Partial refunds are not allowed for CEC Club subscription