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Jennilea Beem


Jennilea Beem

Nashville, TN US 37221


Feeling unsatisfied with your fitness, stress and energy levels? Maybe your eating habits, time management, and/or motivation are getting in the way of what you know you can be? I have been to those places, and can help you find your way out and moving towards your ideal self. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I will help you find what works best with your current life commitments to develop lasting lifestyle modifications that support your overall health. This in turn will allow you to be even more dynamic in all the other areas of your life. Whether you want to beat your last marathon time, lose the baby weight, or work up to walking a mile, we will work together to set specific, measurable, ACHIEVABLE goals. I have had a personal yoga practice for 12 years, completed several half-marathons, recovered from various health and injury issues, and enjoy staying active with hiking, swimming, rollerblading and even plate spinning! If you need variety or routine, I can accommodate both. I believe in meeting people at their individual levels, and use positive motivation to help YOU work ME out of a job. I offer group training, semi-private, and private sessions, from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. We can use the outdoors, a gym, weight machines, or the Earth’s gravity to get you where you want to be. Consultations are both pressure-free and complimentary.

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4 Expired

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6-10 years

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Disease Considerations
Group Fitness
Boot Camp
Cardiorespiratory Program Design
Core Training
Functional Training
Movement-based Training
Walking Programs
Lifestyle Medicine
Nutrition for Health and Wellness
Weight Loss / Weight Management
Specialized Equipment Training
Skating and In-Line Skating
Strength Training

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