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George MacIlwinen M.A.


George MacIlwinen M.A.

Boulder, CO US 80304

(720) 432-3147


I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Somatic (body) Psychotherapist. I offer fitness and strength training to a variety of clients. I have been an avid lifter since age 15, and for over 20 years have practiced a lifestyle associated with fitness and health. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor with 11 years of education and training, additionally certified in Gestalt-Equine Psychotherapy and Addictions Counseling. One of my specialties is in the treatment of trauma through working with the body, as a psychotherapist trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, to assist clients in resolving anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms that result. As a psychotherapist trained to work with the body, I understand the mind-body connection. As humans, we carry much within ourselves (beliefs, habitual emotions) that in time changes our body's structure. The body comes to reflect these emotional patterns and beliefs in what are termed Characterological Structures. The way we hold ourselves and move our bodies reflect our Characterological Structure and associated beliefs about ourselves and the world, including what we believe is possible for ourselves - which may or may not actually be true! As such, I offer Characterological Based Strength Training (CBST™), a method I have developed and exclusively practice. If you choose to take your training into this realm, beyond simply fitness and strength training, the nature of the professional relationship would change to include a professional counseling relationship. The focus of the training may be working with posture, structural shifts in the body that have become ingrained, and corresponding beliefs, emotions, and thoughts - with goals of creating greater alignment in the body, increasing strength, while noticing and integrating the positive shifts in thoughts, emotions, flow of energy and beliefs. (cred. BS, MA, LPC, CAC I, GEP, ACE-CPT)

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Personal Trainer

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Programs and Rates

Private Personal Training Sessions: $110.00
Group Fitness Sessions: $55.00
Semi-private / Small Group Training: $55.00

Years in the Industry

6-10 years

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Other Mind Body

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6-10 years

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Athletes, Older Adult, Special Populations, Healthy Adult, Overweight, Underweight, Post Rehab, Youth, Other, emotional wellness

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Club and Home

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