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Andrew Brenlan


Andrew Brenlan



I pursue movement from a biomechanical perspective, fueled by a curiosity, creativity, and gratefulness. I work with clients to determine their needs, goals, and limitations for movement, then we create an individualized program for assessing, learning, experimenting, re-assessing, and healing into the body's many available movement patterns. I place strong emphasis on antagonist training, which is vital for kinetic balance in the body. We approach not only the obvious antagonists (ex: biceps/triceps), but also the not-so-obvious but ever important antagonists (ex: finger flexion/extension, ankle plantar/dorsiflexion, spinal right/left side bending). A keen focus on muscular/neurological balance in all planes of motion will result in active injury prevention throughout your recreational and everyday activities.

Ace Certifications

Personal Trainer

Years Certified with Ace


Programs and Rates

Private Personal Training Sessions: $90.00

Years in the Industry

2-5 years

Areas of Focus

Group Fitness
Movement-based Training
Personal and Small Group Training
Bodyweight Training
Functional Training
Sports Performance
Personal Training Program Design
Special Populations and Conditions
Injury Prevention and Post Rehab
Myofascial Release
Older Adult
Orthopedic Conditions
Specialized Equipment Training
Skating and In-Line Skating

Specialist Programs


Personal Trainer Specific Information

Years Of Experience

2-5 years

Preferred Client Type

Athletes, Older Adult, Post Rehab, Youth

Client Training Locations

Other, Club and Home, Outdoor parks

Average Clients Weekly