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Donna Marchand


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I am not only a personal fitness trainer, I am a wellness coach training clients how to develop qualities to the level of simplicity. In spirit, mind and body. The combined physical and mental soundness during life's daily activities and unexpected moments. This pertains to specific application to real life movement and or sport, challenges all systems and movement requirements of the body, skeletal, neural and muscular systems known as the body's kinetic chain. As well as response to training recovery by monitoring heart rate variability. The body is working at its optimum level when these systems work synergistically together. My specialty is in training to bring out the best in ones talents and abilities through custom designed creative activity that is based on what you love. Be empowered to balance the spirit, mind and body to be in alignment. Live a healthy and harmonious life.

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Personal Trainer

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Years in the Industry

11-15 years

Areas of Focus

Corrective Exercise
Disease Considerations
Lifestyle Medicine
Program Design
Specialized Equipment Training
Strength Training

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Years Of Experience

11-15 years

Preferred Client Type

Athletes, Older Adult, Special Populations, Healthy Adult, Overweight, Underweight, Post Rehab, Youth, Other, Any

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Medical Facility, Other, Club and Home, Club, Home, Office, On line

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