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Chi Running & Chi Walking

1. Students will be able to identify their best posture while standing, sitting, walking, running(and, lying down) in their best posture. a) Students will know what postural column is. b) Students will know the steps to get into their best posture. c) Students will identify the key muscles for maintaining good posture. d) Students will learn ways to rid themselves of low back pain. 2. Students will understand and demonstrate the terms : a) Lean b) Heel Lift c) Arm-swing d) Tilt 3. Students will identify the following key muscles to Chi Run/ Chi Walk: a) Tibialis Anterior b) Hamstrings c) Quadriceps d) VMO- Vastus Medialis Oblique e) Gluteal Muscles f) Psaos i) Pyramedalis j) Obliques( Internal/ External) k) Serratus Anterior 4. Students achieve the most efficient, injury-preventative, joyful way to run or walk any distance. Whether from every day strolls to Ironman Triathlon events. a) During a practical session, students will demonstrate their newly learned technique. b) Students will find/identify T-12 / L-1 and be able to explain why that's a significant point of the body. c) Students will be paired off. And, will critique their partner. 5. 'Quiz' to review Chi Running terminology, and , form focuses/ technique. All students will leave the workshop with a whole new perspective on running!

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