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Over 50 exercises designed by Mary E. Sanders, Ph.D., FACSM, Cathy Maloney-Hills, a registered Physical Therapist and Mary Curry, a WaterFit® Trainer and ACSM certified instructor are presented via DVD to support the book: Golden Waves®, Functional Water Training for Health (2008). Part 1: Learning the Basics, presents fundamental skills so your participants can improve posture, agility, balance, coordination, cardio/muscular endurance, flexibility. Part 2: Teaching the Basics, includes more challenging exercises and presents teaching methods that guide participants to individualize exercises as needed for 17 medical conditions. Both above and below water footage are included. During this course you’ll be encouraged to use critical thinking skills for problem solving. Critical thinking involves investigation to explore a situation, question or problem and then to arrive to a conclusion by integrating all the information. It involves seeing multiple points of view on complex issues or analysis. When working with people, there is no right or wrong way, no hard rules that apply to all...only suggestions and guidelines. To work with real people, you’ll need to explore their individual skills and fitness/health condition and integrate the information into Responsive Teaching and Coaching! To prepare you for this role, this course is designed to help “fill” your “instructor tool box” with ideas, concepts, information and experience from years of practice, real life experience and a number of scientific studies. Our training study along with current medical information provides the basic foundation for the program. Whenever possible, student’s quotes and feedback are included so you get to know them (watch for their Golden wisdom written in italics). Personally, I know nothing about being 74 years old, so they are my teachers and the architects of this program. Three years later they continue to teach me how to “live well”. The course asks you to work in the pool to learn, progress and modify skills. You’ll then be guided to teach the skills to a student, preferably a real older adult, so you learn from a “Pro”. Additionally, you’ll be asked to solve problems based on information presented, but the answers may not be directly “out of the book”. You’ll have to use critical thinking skills to determine the “best” response, just as you do in the field. When you complete the course and begin working with the material, it’s my hope that you will have enough knowledge to develop working relationships with health care providers so you can complete a Wellness “team” (student, teacher, provider). Let’s examine the course objectives and activities.
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