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Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series

The six components to the Navy Operational fitness and fueling series that students will have classroom and practical sessions on: • Pillar Preparation and Movement Preparation o Students will go through in class and practical sessions that will educate them on the science and purpose behind Pillar Preparation and Movement Preparation. Pillar Preparation is a training component that is designed to strengthen the critical stabilizing muscles of your pillar: shoulders, torso, and hips. Movement Preparation is a training component of the NOFFS designed as an efficient, systematic warm-up. Movement Preparation will help the sailor prepare for their specific demands of the day’s daily training session. • Strength Design and Energy System Development o The first part of this section will cover Athletes Performance strength design theory. The students will also go through practical sessions that will cover the strategies involved when training sailors in the performance facility or on the operational platform. The energy system development section is a 4-zone program the will develop the metabolic systems needed by the sailor during their operational demands. Students will go through extensive in class sessions that devoted to cover scientific topics such as the aerobic system, anaerobic threshold, anaerobic system, currents myths about cardiovascular training, and proper implementation of interval training. • Nutrition o The nutrition section of the Navy Operational fitness and fueling series will cover a variety of topics including, obesity and weight control within the US and the Navy, portion control, recovery nutrition, and nutrition coaching. Students will also go through presentations pertaining to the science that used in designing the sailors meal builder. Students will also have the opportunity to put together a perfect days for their sailors by creating a meal builders based off Athletes Performance nutrition recommendations. • Regeneration o This section will cover all the recovery strategies that can be used to help the sailor recover from previous training sessions. First, the students will go through a comprehensive presentation where they’ll gain the knowledge on why regeneration is vital to injury potential and performance increases. Throughout the week students will have the opportunity to go through practical regeneration sessions utilizing tools such as massage sticks, foam rolls, trigger point therapy, and active stretching techniques. Students will then be required to use these practices with the sailors to minimize the risk of injury within the fleet. On the last day, each student will sit for a theory examination that will test their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum covered during the week. The examination includes 90 multiple choice questions. The student must score a 70% to pass the exam.

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