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Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor

UNIT 1 - INTRODUCTION TO INTERMEDIATE HOOP This unit will discuss what makes a move an intermediate move and how you know your students are ready to progress onto the intermediate syllabus. We will cover a series of markers that you can use to assess your students and techniques to introduce more challenging moves. UNIT 2 - INTERMEDIATE HOOP MOVES Unit 2 starts with a progression of the core concepts. We will look at different techniques to introduce lifting into your classes and how you can encourage your students to execute moves more efficiently and move cleanly between positions. Muscular balance and bi-lateral training is covered before we go onto introduce over 40 of the core intermediate syllabus moves, looking at each move in detail from the teaching and safety points, to progressions and regressions also touching upon common problems. UNIT 3 - INTRODUCTION TO DYNAMIC MOVEMENT To begin this unit, we will recap the core concepts of creating momentum on a hoop; beating and popping. This will be progressed into our five stage plan to help you introduce dynamic movement to your students. We will cover the rules of teaching dynamic movement, then give you 14 variations on basic rolls that you can work through with your students. UNIT 4 - INTERMEDIATE STRENGTH AND STRETCHING At an intermediate level there is a great requirement for students to be developing strength and flexibility, this is the focus of unit 4. We look at a range of strength and conditioning exercises, areas of flexibility that need to be trained to progress onto an advanced level and methods of increasing hoop stamina and endurance. UNIT 5 - PROGRESSIVE TEACHING AND COACHING Unit five looks at ways to adapt your teaching methods to enable you to coach students working at height and inverted. We will cover how to progress towards a more student led system of coaching, look at how you can effectively use progress chains to build lesson plans and how combinations and sequences will allow you to both challenge your students, avoid them hitting plateaus and also ensure safe progression to an advanced level. UNIT 6 - INTERMEDIATE HEALTH AND SAFETY Our final unit will look at ways you will need to adapt the health and safety information covered on your beginner's course to make it relevant for an intermediate group. Again, our main focus at this point is spotting, where we go into the different methods in more detail, progressing to cover spotting dynamic movement and partner spotting.
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