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ACE eCredits

ACE eCredits allow you to pay up front for continuing education courses created by ACE. Give yourself access to all the CECs you need to recertify, and take advantage of up to $100 in savings you can get by paying up front. ACE eCredits are eligible to redeem at any time. As you purchase courses using eCredits, they’ll simply deduct from your account.

Save on CECs by Securing Your Credits Up Front

ACE eCredits come in two options — a 1.0 CEC option and a 2.0 CEC option. Depending on the courses you select, each option can save you 15% to 25%. Feel confident knowing that you have access to all the CECs you need for recertification, even before you select which education to pursue. ACE eCredits do not expire and may only be used for individual courses created by ACE.

ACE eCredits - 1.0 CECS
$169.95 - Purchase Now
ACE eCredits - 1.0 CECS
$299.95 - Purchase Now

Accessing ACE eCredits

After purchasing your eCredits, log in to your My ACE Account. From your home page, under Purchase History, select eCredits. Depending on what education you’d like to pursue, you can either select “Redeem for Magazine Quizzes” or “Redeem for Online Courses.”

You may redeem ACE eCredits for online courses created by ACE or ProSource magazine quizzes. To view a list of eligible courses, see below.

Course Name
ProSource CEC Quiz 0.20 Average Rating
3 Myths About the Glycemic Index (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
A New Framework for the Future of Fitness 0.10 Average Rating
A Roadmap to the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) model 0.30 Average Rating
ACE Total Gym Introductory Course 0.20 Average Rating
Activity Trackers: A New Tool to Promote Client Achievement (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Advanced Program Design (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Advocating for Health and Fitness Professionals in the Changing Face of Health (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Aging Gracefully: The Relationship Between Balance Training and Fall Prevention 0.20 Average Rating
An Integrated Approach to Strength Training and Conditioning for Law Enforcement Personnel (Recorded) 0.10 Average Rating
Anatomy and Kinesiology for Shoulder Stability and Mobility (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Bare Your Sole: Getting In Step with Barefoot Fitness 0.30 Average Rating
Bariatric Surgery Aftercare: Opportunities for Health Coaches and Personal Trainers (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Better Brains, Better Bodies: Building Mental Muscle 0.30 Average Rating
Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Building Your Business through a Powerful Brand 0.10 Average Rating
Business Strategies for Personal Trainers (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Cancer and Exercise 0.10 Average Rating
Cardiovascular Fitness for Fire Fighters - IAFF 0.10 Average Rating
Catering to Clients with Low Back Pain (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Cholesterol and Exercise 0.10 Average Rating
Chronic Musculoskeletal Challenges and Exercise 0.50 Average Rating
Chronic Pain and Exercise: The Rules Have Changed (recorded webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Coaching Fundamentals: A Critical Element to Being a Trainer 0.10 Average Rating
Coaching Fundamentals: Setting Goals to Help Clients Gain Optimal Advantages in Life 0.10 Average Rating
Coaching Fundamentals: Strategies for Behavior Modification 0.40 Average Rating
Coaching Progressions for Speed, Agility and Quickness (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Combatting Heat Stress Through Hydration 0.10 Average Rating
Common Health Challenges Faced by Older Adults 0.10 Average Rating
Community Based Fitness Business: Shared-Use and the Fitness Professional (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Cooking 101: Essentials of Meal Selection and Preparation 0.10 Average Rating
Creating a Wellness Model (recorded webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Creating Videos to Promote Your Business (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Designing Sports Conditioning Workouts for Group Fitness Classes 0.10 Average Rating
Designing Sports Conditioning Workouts for Personal Training Clients 0.10 Average Rating
Diabetes and Exercise 0.10 Average Rating
Discovering Effective, Non-Traditional Strength-Training Equipment (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Emerging Opportunities in Healthcare for Fitness Professionals 0.10 Average Rating
Epidemic Proportions: The Price of Obesity and How It's Affected the Role of Fitness Professionals (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Essentials of Exercise Physiology: Metabolic Pathways (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Exercise and Osteoporosis 0.20 Average Rating
Fibromyalgia and Exercise 0.10 Average Rating
Finding Success in the Corporate World: How to Become a Wellness Consultant Who Produces Positive Results (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Fitness and Menopause 0.20 Average Rating
Fitting Fitness Into Parenthood 0.10 Average Rating
Flexibility and Fitness: A Research Review 0.20 Average Rating
Focus on Facebook: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Function and Footwear 0.10 Average Rating
Fundamentals of Coaching Behavior Change 0.10 Average Rating
Gait and Balance 0.10 Average Rating
High Octane Fueling: Nutritional Strategies for Athletic Performance 0.30 Average Rating
In-Home Training for Seniors 0.20 Average Rating
Loaded Movement Training and the Myofascial Web (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Low Carbohydrate vs. High Carbohydrate Diets – Heart Health and Exercise Performance (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Major Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders 0.30 Average Rating
Making the Case for Active Worksites (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Martial Arts Training for Personal Trainers (Recorded webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Metabolic Conditioning - How to Train for Real Results (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Metabolic Conditioning - The New Way to Train (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Metabolic Diseases and Disorders 0.30 Average Rating
Mindful Exercise Overview for Fitness Professionals 0.10 Average Rating
Nutrition Planning for Clients that Leads to Real Results (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Older Adults: Aging and the Body's Response to Exercise 0.20 Average Rating
Overcoming the "I Hate Change" Mentality (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Physiology of Thermoregulation 0.10 Average Rating
Play Saves the Day: How to Return to an Active Youth Culture (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Post-Orthopedic Rehabilitation for Personal Trainers 0.60 Average Rating
Posture, Mobility, Gait and Balance: Assessment and Training for the Personal Trainer 0.50 Average Rating
Pre- and Post-natal Fitness: Physiology, Biomechanics and Programming 0.10 Average Rating
Preseason Tips for Speed Training (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity 0.10 Average Rating
Program Design and Implementation Strategies for Weight Loss 0.40 Average Rating
Program Design: How to Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Approach (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Putting an End to Plantar Fasciitis (Recorded webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Regulation and the Fitness Professional: Examining the Potential Impact (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Resistance Training for the Endurance Athlete (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Role of Exercise in Recovering from Psychological Disorders 0.10 Average Rating
Run Injury Free: Understanding Impact Forces and the Loading Response (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Screening and Assessment for Exercise Programming 0.10 Average Rating
Secrets to Building a Successful Fitness Brand (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Senior Nutrition 0.10 Average Rating
Size Sensitivity and Other Strategies for Overweight and Obese Clients (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Smart Training for 5K and 10K Races (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Strategies for Designing & Marketing a Small Group Personal Training Program Online Course (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Strategies for Success: Navigating a Health Club as a PT or GFI (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Strength Programming for Older Adults 0.20 Average Rating
Techniques to Develop Power through Weight Training (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
The Coach’s Toolkit: Motivational Interviewing Recorded Course 0.10 Average Rating
The Hottest Weight-Loss Supplements: Which Ones Work and Why (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Training the Core (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Training Untrained Athletes 0.10 Average Rating
Turning Rapport into Profit (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Understanding and Motivating Midlife and Older Adults 0.10 Average Rating
Understanding Myofascial Anatomy (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Understanding Nutritional Strategies and Keys to Macronutrient Balance 0.20 Average Rating
Understanding the National Blueprint: Increasing Physical Activity Among Adults 0.10 Average Rating
Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Exercise to Enhance Client Success (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Use the Web to Upgrade Your Fitness Business (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Using Social Media to Market Your Classes (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Vertical Core Training (Recorded Webinar) 0.10 Average Rating
Weight Management Strategies (Recorded Webinar) 0.20 Average Rating
Youth Fitness Guidelines and Program Design 0.10 Average Rating
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